Another December 8th letter!

It’s not bad here in utah…. its been a little cold but not to bad…. the temple is like 8 minuet walk. SEND ME SOME BUCK EYES! my day in the MTC is rreeaallyy busy! I wake up and get ready then do a personal study.  We do a  companion study and then we get breakfast and then we go to our classroom 18m 404 . We have a little district conference like thingy and start working on what we will teach our investigator’s.  We have a 3 hour class before lunch and after lunch we have 3 more hours of classes and then we do a lot of role playing.  We have dinner and  then we do companionship inventory and study and then personal study then get ready for bed…. some times its a little different because they have different movies to watch and sometimes a lot of devotionals
The MTC is great!.. The Christmas devotional was really really good! I couldn’t pick a talk that was best, they all were really good. I take it that the llama is still being a creeper?

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