December 8, 2014

that’s Joshua, loving snow!…. hahahaha is Max still listening to Lindsay better then anyone else? I get to go to the temple with my district today!
The MTC is GREAT! The foods pretty good. Yeah, there’s lots of studying but i like it! Brittany and all of them are doing good… Corinne is one happy little girl, she couldn’t keep her eyes off me… first flight was okay…. I slept through all but 45 minutes of it.
Could you send me my razor? I left it at home… also I cut that mole on my chin Saturday and it bled for hours…. it just wouldn’t stop…. I have my eye app tomorrow at 10:30, its been doing good….. so far I’m doing good on money. ha ha! My companions are AWESOME! The Lord really has humor ūüôā I love them so much! They have ¬†already taught me a lot…. I sent 2 letters to all of you but I’m not sure when they will get there and yes i got to met your friends daughters friend! We are in the same district! Yesterday, we got to walk around the Provo temple and it was really good. ¬†My eye is still dialated so bright lights really bug it. Why did Jacob¬†move out? How many puppies did Ruby¬†have?? hahaha tell Sister Goit that the baby is acting like Zack……
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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