Leaving For Louisiana!

December 15, 2014

Dear Family,

The MTC is really good! I’m going to miss it a lot! We are teaching 3 people, one is kinda for role-playing our teacher acts like an investigator that they have taught and ours was Sunny… she is interesting but really awesome!   Elder Jones and I are teaching 2 investigators and both have said they will go to church ( we learned that they aren’t allowed on MTC grounds on Sunday.. no idea why…)   And we got to hear the BYU’s Men’s choir sing! It was really really good! They song/danced some stuff from different countries! One of them was some jazz stuff and it sounded really good.  The piano for it was a duet! I don’t think I’ve seen someones hands go that fast over the piano while playing with someone else!
I hope all of you get better! What’s the elders name?? There were a few going to Columbus and a few going to Cincinnati…. I leave for the mission home tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 3:30 am….. thanks for sending the stuff to the mission home! I’ll be sending a SD card in 2-3 weeks or so…  It still has a lot of room on it…… yes Im getting enough sleep… or at least im not tired in class…. and the food is fairly good…..
Tell Uncle Richard I say Hi! Lindsay When its cold out side give her a little more food… also it snowed yesterday!  It was really great! Its been getting cold here…this morning on our walk to the temple, it was FREEZING! Its normally a 11-13 minuet walk and we made it in 8……
BACON! thank you Zachary!  hahaha snore on the plane?? can’t promise anything….. I’ve got to meet some great speakers! We got to listen to an AMAZING talk by Elder Bednar last night! He talked about the characteristics of Christ and how the natural man is like the cookie monster! It was such a good talk! and I learned that its only showed at the MTC!
Dad, can you guess what my assignment is for church?…….. Also I need more diary pills…. I’m getting low…. and could you send some toothpaste?
Oh and Mum, I met your friends daughters best friend thats going to Louisiana…Also Jacob…. really interesting choice of words….. and Im not sure if I can skype or not… I’ll have an ipad but they haven’t said if we are allowed or not….. and I just got a large package of letters… they turned out to be lots of Christmas cards…

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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