December 22, 2014

Dear Family;
 I’ve been meeting lots of the investigators! They are awesome people! My companion is great! He’s got a great sense of humor!  We get along really well and the apartment is pretty good! We have a washer and a drier so that saves us a lot of time and money! i’ll write a longer Email next week  because I’m short on time….
I’m liking it a lot! I opened the box but not any of the gifts…. tell Ms. Reade, I say hi…The hymn Hark the Harold Angels Sing, is my favorite,  I think that hymn 203.  I’ll send some pictures.  I brought the cold weather with me to Louisiana apparently because everyone says its cold when its only 55-69! I love it!  Its a lot like Ohio…. just a ton wetter. Hows the fat horse doing?? still stubborn? The ward is great! Not that many people are active but theres a lot of older people…..Tell Ryan Echols:  Hi.  My mission president is awesome!  Someone left a chess board in my apartment 🙂 so I get to play every now and then… but its not often…..
hmmmmm I don’t know if that’s ok or not if Tynes come see me…. i’ll ask my companion if he knows if it is or not… We might have to ask the zone leaders or the mission president so if we can i’ll call them but if not I probably wont be allowed to call….  Wow Jacob got called as a ward missionary?? I bet  that tractor is fun to drive around! Im glad Zacchary’s doing a good job! We have a car but we bike to the places with in 8ish miles so we don’t use so many miles… we have gone tracting but we don’t do it much because we have a HUGE teaching pool….
I haven’t tried any new foods yet…. its Christmas so people are having lots of family over but we will have like 3 lunches and dinners on Christmas…..  hahah im going to be fed a ton that day……… yes…. I’ve meet some crazy people….. and some awesome ones too! Have a good Christmas and New Year too!
In about 2 weeks we will have a pass at a university so there wont be a time limit  unlike the library I’m currently at….  I don’t have much time but this week has gone by really fast and things are going great!
 micah and mission president
ElderMicah A. Ralph

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