December 29, 2014

Dear Family:
Things are going really well! Elder Elison and I are working on planning 3 baptisms that we had to push it back to the 17th because we had to get a lot of interviews done and teach a few more lesions! Our investigators are great!
We had a lot of rain and lightning the past week! We get sooooo much rain here! Christmas was good we had like 4-5 lunches/dinners…. and that was a bit too much food…………..  but my companion and I were able  keep it down…..
We got to go o the temple Saturday morning and it was really good! The ward members here are really great and really helpful! This Sunday all 6 of us ended up doing everything in sacrament meeting: conduct the meeting and the music….. I had to give a talk with about 2ish days notice… but it still went really well!  I’m the priesthood pianist……  All the bishopric have beards! I don’t think I have ever seen a whole bishopric with beards before! A lot of the members have had the flu  lately… so Sunday there weren’t many people at church…
btw: Thank you all for the gifts! They were great!

Jacob….. im not even going to answer… I don’t have that much time to email……..everyone please write in a normal way! I dont have much time to email and that makes it take a lot longer then it would otherwise……

I tried gumbo and it was really really good! There are a lot of black people here! They are awesome! They are kinda hard to understand at times but they are great!  Oh also there’s an Elder that’s 6′ 11”!!  he’s really really tall!

Its been about 45-60 all week! but really stormy…. our investigators are great!One of them has had a lot of health problems come up… her name is Andrea, she had to have open heat surgery and a pace maker put in…. and she had a really bad blood infection… she’s having a really hard time being stuck in the hospital ICU and won’t be allowed out for 1-2 months….

We got to go to the temple yesterday too!  I love the temple!  It was probably the smallest session I have ever seen.. there were 11 of us.. 6 of which were missionaries …..studying is going good! I’ve been remarking my new scriptures and almost everyday, the scriptures I mark go really well with what we end up teaching! We haven’t done that many serve hours.. but we have given 3-4 blessings and gave the sacrament to he older people that couldn’t get to church…

Can you send me the forgotten carol sheet music??? I will probably end up doing some musical numbers in church :l….. but my companion sings really well so that will work out great! We are getting along really well! The ward is great! The box was great and yes sister Deckers candy’s are all gone! They were really good! Thank you for sending all of that stuff.

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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