January 5, 2015

Dear Family,
Things have been going well! We are having the baptism on the 17th!!  The time for church changed to 9 am instead of 11 am…. Elder Elison and I gave 2 book’s of Mormon’s out, it went really well! Sandy was open and easy to talk to and Dave was a little less open… but they both took them and said they would read!
A sister in our ward got up and bore her testimony about how missionary’s changed her soon to be daughter-in-law and how they saved her life because she has been in the hospital for 2 1/2 months.  Her health keeps get better then they get worse and something new pops up. Now she won’t be out of ICU for another 2+ months….. her body rejected the new valves in her heart… so she has to get new ones.  She was feeling really depressed and not wanting to live anymore and some how 2 missionary’s changed that…  something elder Elison and I said change her and helped her out of that….  both of us have no idea what we said.
There are a lot of less-actives so we have been working with a lot of them… its been going well! I got to go on my first exchange last Friday-Saturday! it was really fun and I got to meet some good people!
God really does protect his missionary’s! The elder and I were on exchanges and were nearly taken out by a truck when we were biking to a appointment… it was a tight road with lots of traffic but we got through with out any problems!
We have had lots and lots of rain!  Its 49 out side and it feels like 30 with the humidity.  The storms are the normal down poors in Ohio… but they happen like 2 times a week…..We have a zone P-day today! That’s where all the missionary’s in our zone get together and do something!
hmmm the people who bought a Goldendoodle puppy are from Houma, Louisiana? My MTC companion is serving there! wow….. What did Austin name the puppy? How are the dogs doing?? I think I’m doing good on supplies….
THANK YOU for sending the music… I keep getting asked if I want to do a musical number……  I get to play for priesthood every Sunday and district meetings…. and on P-day.  The garments haven’t come yet….. thanks for cleaning up my computer, there was a lot of stuff on it….. Mum and Dad:  how many times have you taught the Marriage and Family relations class at church? I will send some pictures once I figure out how to…..
Lindsay:  I have not recieved the Jungle Jims stuff yet….I think i strained something in my wrist… but its feeling a lot better.
Joshua:  What things do you have left to do in cub scouts? Good luck on the pinewood derby! My New Years was really really good!  We had to be in 1 hour early but other wise it was great!
Zachary:  I still have the razors….. I haven’t been able to send the new one back to you guys yet…. sorry….   good luck with your basket ball games! Did all your Eagle stuff go well?? Cooking is a great skill to have! My companion loves that I can cook!
Caitlyn:  You’re  taking on a lot for 4-H…………… sounds fun!  Careful with how much you take on in 4-H…. I’m not saying don’t do them but be careful….. that’s a good goal! I’ve been remarking my scriptures (its taking a long time…) Yeah, I’ve read those scriptures.  We read it every district meeting.  Good luck with your basketball game!
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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