January 12, 2015

Hi family
Things are going well! 
 The teaching pool is good! We are going around and visiting less-active members with in biking distance because the mission went over miles a lot haha although we had about 200 extra that we gave to our zone leaders.   Elder Elison and I went through the ward roster to see who is near us and there are a few active members but a ton of less-active members too! We had district meeting on Tuesday, then zone training meeting on Friday and then coordination after zone training meeting.  After it we went somewhere to eat( cant remember where) and dang. we filled up the place……we put more then half the tables together… it was really funny to see the place filled with missionary’s!  Saturday night we had the adult stake conference meeting,  Elder Johnson from the 1st 70 came!  Saturday night we stayed in Denham with the elders there so we would not have to use a ton of our miles driving back and forth for stake conference the next day….  there were 8 Elders in a small apartment…it was rather hard to get time to get ready, shower and study… but it was fun to get to know the other missionary’s in the zone!  Sunday we had stake conference so its been a busy week…. We still have the baptisms Saturday… I’m giving a talk at it :/ but at least they didn’t ask me to play the piano!
 hmmm interesting experiences…. Elder Elison and i were seeing a less active at his store and a incredibly high person walked in…. to be honest.. that person stunk up the store….  and we decided to teach her the word of wisdom and that we have prophets.  She listened intently and said she didn’t feel like smoking anymore to night…. Hopefully she comes back to the store so we can teach her again. She talked alot about how she wanted to stop smoking but wouldn’t really say much more… because she couldn’t stay focused for very long…. it was interesting…… It is getting easier to teach and start conversations.  My companion and I are still getting along really well! He wants me to teach him how to play hymns on the piano….. and how to cook, hahah
 I have not play chess much…..  How was sledding?? We have no snow here so its kinda hard to go sledding… because its mostly rain….. Thank you for sending the garments, bike stuff and the music!
Could you have Zachary send me a lot of riddles?? with the answers please? One of the less-actives we are teaching really likes trying to figure out riddles… and could you get me the e-mails/addresses of everyone that helped out with my mission??? What mexican food did you have at Earlst?  We do get good food!  There are a lot of great family’s here! How is the Marriage and Family Relations class going that you are teaching?  Its been 27-35 here… and with the humidity it makes it fell like its 10-20 so needless to say we didn’t do much biking….   One of the elders left some essential oils behind and they have been come fairly useful!  Andrea is going to need your prayers…. she might have to have a back surgery because of the affects of the blood infection that she has been fighting…
You guys are getting alot of Poultry for the Farm!  Thank you, Lindsay,  for taking care of my Llama.  Sounds like alot of puppies this spring!
 Sounds like a busy summer for all of you.   When the tires blew on the camper, it did a lot of damage to the camper wheel wells and some wiring…  Can you send me Jacob’s and Chris’s emails? i dont think i have them….
Lindsay:  it makes a  huge difference when you pray every morning and night! I bet Zachary is doing great in basketball! Last P-DAY we were playing knock out and Elder Brown (the one who’s 6′ 10”) was doing really well.  He was being NICE and going easy on us!! He usually kills us when ever we try to play knock out on zone P-days…..  haha no, Lindsay, I haven’t been hit… yet….. What did you get at Amish Country?
I know if you read 30 mins every day you will be blessed! How many hours i study a day would probably be 3 or so hours.Dang. better luck next time on your basketball game! I hope you guys can win the next one! How is life going?
Its been cold here but no snow :/  wow that’s a lot of stealing in basketball!  You did a good job! Eastgate normally has a really good team! Glad you are singing with Zach at the Youth Talent show, that’s a good song! Good luck on it! yeah teachers that do that are inspired! It works really well! When we teach we find a scripture that goes with what we are teaching and start off with it then lead into what we planned on teaching!
P.S. Please don’t for get to send me the riddles! I’m running short on the ones i can remember, hahaha
and im sending the razor back… Also, could you have Zachary send me my leatherman mul

ti-tool??  I’ll try to send some pictures in a email today….
We have a mission conference coming up in a few weeks!
Thanks for everything!
Elder Micah Andrew Ralph!
MTC dorm room

MTC dorm room

The Elder that showed Micah around at the MTC.

The Elder that showed Micah around at the MTC.

Micah with the Gonzalez family:  sister, Brittany, Brother Ernesto and niece Corinne

Micah with the Gonzalez family: sister, Brittany, Brother Ernesto and niece Corinne

Micah with mission companions Elder Bringhurst (far left) Elder Jones (middle left), he was my companion at the MTC , and Elder Fluckiger

Micah with mission companions Elder Bringhurst (far left) Elder Jones (middle left), he was my companion at the MTC , and Elder Fluckiger

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