January 26, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,
Things have slowed down a bit but still have been going well!  I’ve been in and out of the hospital a TON this week………  the Investigator that was in the hospital was released Friday…. it was good for her mentally but probably not so much physically.  She is doing much better then she has been!  Friday-Saturday, one of the ward members had a heart attack.  Friday he wasn’t feeling too good so he went to the hospital and once they were in the room talking and asking questions, he had the heart attack.   The doctors had to  shock him 3 times to get him to come back.  He had 100% blockage in one artery and 50% in the other.  They said he would not have made it if it hadn’t have happened in the ER.  The women we taught in the store.. we haven’t seen her since  Its great to see how happy people become with the Gospel and I LOVE people….
We have 2 new investigators! one is really open  and easy to teach ( but loves to talk!) and the other asks a ton of questions! One of the great things about the south is everyone is really open! We have 3 people that want us to come back but they are really busy so its hard to meet with them…….  the hardest thing here is keeping appointments under an hour…… people loooooooove to talk! They are really easy to approach and don’t slam the door in your face too often.  I’m basically the back up pianist for the ward :l.. and for the choir……
Its been like spring here…… so im guessing the summer is going to boil me alive…..Although it did rain a ton earlier last week! We have transfers a week from this Wednesday…. not sure if I’m staying or not…
Please send some spices and what ever else you might think of…..I did love Alligator!  All those puppies are going to keep you guys really busy!    Sweet!  Thanks for sending all that stuff! Please send the music as soon as you can because I might get transferred a week from Wednesday…. and then it might take a week or 2 to get to me….. Yup, the foods good and I exercise every morning and night 🙂 btw I’m normally on around 11am on Mondays.  I haven’t eaten anything too odd lately.  My companion loves to sing… and hes really good at it too! He’s easy going… kinda a lot like me but doesn’t joke as much…  Please don’t send candy,  I would love oatmeal something… just something with oatmeal and jerkey! Glad you enjoyed Shawnee State Park and Lodge.  Where is it?
My favorite  the scripture is D&C 10:5; its about prayer.  I love all the lessons!  Question, could you get on my Facebook and message a friend of mine? His name is David Taylor, he’s white and from Flint, Michigan and he’s kinda short.  We went to EFY in Tiffin together! Could you give him my missionary Email and say that I need to talk to him ASAP.    I hope Caitlyn and Zachary have  fun at that EFY in Tiffin.  Tell Caitlyn and Zachary to have fun in Stake Choir!  Zachary, its great being a witness at a baptism! Glad you were able to do it.  Try Epsom salts for Zacharys sprain.    Hope he enjoys Priest Laurel Conference.  How is Logan doing?  I have not heard from him in a while.
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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