February 9, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,
A family that we have been working with are going through a hard time again.  Sister Portier had a mild stroke this week end… she’s the wife of the brother that had the heart attack… but she doing good!

 Andrea will be baptized once she come to church 3 time buts she is still in a lot of pain…. and most of the time she cant even get up.
I think the coldest it has been was 19 degrees but it’s only happened once….  Please send some brownie mix and some really fine tipped pens in my box this month.  They only have .5 here…. and there isn’t much room to write on my planer.  Normally we play knock out, doge ball and this week capture the flag because its a zone p-day!  I play the piano 🙂 So far this week, we took the sacrament  to a older lady and we did some service this morning for a older couple in our ward named the Bahams (sounds like bayhams)  The investigators are doing okay… one got in a fight with his live-in girl friend…. but other then that those 2 have been doing so much better! They are trying to get married….  but they have some things to work out first….  the one’s that have been baptized are going good! Their family has been going through a really hard time….  but they are still doing good!

I’ve seen one alligator in person……. and they taste like chicken! hahaha I’ve eaten more them I’ve seen!  The food is great and it is a little spicy…  but it could be a ton more spicy 🙂 The mission rules are good…. kinda strict but they are really helpful! My favorite part in Preach My Gospel is probably the teaching skills part.  Elder Nash spoke at your stake conference?   I think I got to meet him at the MTC….. Things have been going really well! We might have a few more new investigators!  I’ll have to start making a list of miracles and tender mercies… i can never remember them……  the teaching pool is great! Elder Elison and I have decided to go tracting every Saturday! Its been turning out really well!  Elder Elison and I have been trying to leave things to read for the people we teach after every lesson! It helps a lot!    The first 3 days of the week we had 6 and 7 lessons a day but the rest of the week like no one was home so we didn’t have much to do… and ended up doing a lot of biking! We ended up rushing to the hospital to give a blessing…. but all turned out well!  The person is doing really well! and we had transfers this week! We lost one Elder and one Sister.  We have 1 missionary that is straight out of the MTC  and one that has been out about 7 months that are new to the area….  The Lord really blesses everyone, we just have to be looking for it to see it!  Also could you guys pray for Sister BB and her family??  They could use a lot of prayers.

Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph
 DSCN0068[1] DSCN0069[1] DSCN0070[1] DSCN0071[1] DSCN0072[1] DSCN0073[1] DSCN0074[1] DSCN0075[1] DSCN0076[1] DSCN0078[1] DSCN0079[1] DSCN0081[1] DSCN0082[1] DSCN0085[1] DSCN0087[1] DSCN0089[1] DSCN0090[1] DSCN0092[1] DSCN0095[1] DSCN0099[2] DSCN0100[1] DSCN0102[1] DSCN0103[1] DSCN0109[1] DSCN0110[1]

On their way to Louisiana

On their way to Louisiana


DSCN0112[1] DSCN0113[1] DSCN0114[1]


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