February 18, 2015

Hi Friends and Family,

Its been a really good week! Things have been interesting though… we taught a couple companionship inventory… that was….. interesting. They honestly just need to learn how to communicate and things would go soooooo much better!  Sunday during sacrament an older sister in the ward fell trying to get in to her car and broke her leg in 3 places…. oh and someone (probably a little kid… I hope) clogged the toilets so we only had 1 hour of church.  Elder Elison and I get the chance to help a less-active come back to church and fix up his life!  We had a bible referral that ended up really really well! We gave her the bible and she asked where and when our church meets so we gave her a book of Mormon. She said she is trying to fix her life and have God in it a lot more!

Something funny: we did for a family night at sister BB’s house, an object lesson on faith….. it ended up really being a lesson on faith and putting it to the test for everyone that was there. First we did hangman and then we did a object lesson where you have faith. Slam a soup can on your finger and have faith that it wont brake your finger or hurt…( it works btw :p) That part went really well but it scared sister BB.  She said let see how much faith your companion has… soooo she went in to her room….. and got a gun…. She said if my companion and I had enough faith that it wouldn’t blow his foot off……. so she continued and put the gun to his foot and pulled the trigger.  It just ended up being a airsoft gun with OUT the orange tip that it was supposed to have on it so that you can tell it is a airsoft gun not a real one. It really was funny though… but made both of us and everyone in the room really, really nervous.

On Tuesday after district meeting, we went to get lunch as a district and like everywhere was closed so after trying a few places we ended up at fire house subs.  We ran into a member that was traveling around the country and putting Sonic Sensors in the menus at all the 6000 plus Sonic Restaurants and changing them around and such.  He bought all 6 of us missionary’s lunch!

BTW sorry for the late E-mail…. it was president’s day on Monday and then Mardi Gras on Tuesday so like everywhere has been closed.  We also had exchanges and I got to drive!  I’ll be honest…. I don’t trust Louisiana drivers.  They need to go back through drivers ED a couple dozen more times.

We have 5 investigators and are working with 9-10 less actives.  Last week we had 30 lessons!  We were able to help someone to not be really depressed and cause them self harm.  Its amazing what he has gone through and how the lord has humbled him. We also got invited to a birthday party for a 96 year old lady we take the sacrament to and her nieces and son and daughter-in-law were there.  They asked us a lot of questions about the church.  I don’t like  doing anything up on the podium,  very nerve racking.

I have not received the box yet.  Wow,  I bet Lindsay looks great with her contacts.  Caitlyn needs to stay off her ankle before she makes it worse.  Happy Birthday, Joshua!   Hows the little Goit doing?  What happened to the car?  Why not work on it on Friday the 13th?

Zachary: That’s great that you got that job!! Have fun and be safe…Think before you act and don’t follow what the other youth do, if it doesn’t feel right. We went to one of the parades in Hammond but we could only go if we had members with us during the whole thing.  Mardi Gras  parades are honestly not something I’d go to again….. kinda pointless and a waste of time…. and not the safest too.

I’ve been reading about 6 pages a day in Jesus the Christ and learning a TON!  I learned that John the baptist didn’t know Jesus is the Christ till after he baptized him.  Jesus didn’t completely know until after he was baptized and after the 40 day fast.

The Lord really looks out for his missionary’s and everyone that is going through a hard time! All you need to do it pray and look for the blessings.  I can promise you, they are there!

Have a awesome week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph


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