February 23, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,
The work has been really slow this week… Elder Elison and I have had some interesting feelings the past 3 nights.. I’ll talk about it more later on the my email.  It was slow because we had a lot of special meetings we went to! They were really really great! In one of them we were told by Elder Kopischke (he’s German!) that the vision of the south starts now!! It’s really really good! It talk’s about how the south will baptize more people then all the other English missions in the world!  I’ll send a copy of the vision of the south to all of you! its really really great! It was a fairly quiet week till about Thursday night….everyone in my district felt the power of prayer and how much it can protect us. One of the sisters in our ward passed away from cancer on Wednesday… so we went to her funeral Saturday.  Elder Elison and I are doing great!
hahaha yeah the gun…… we both were thinking maybe this wasn’t the best object lesson… but hey, at least that family knows what faith is now…. probably better then a lot better then others…. hahahah, it was funny though!  How is the Llama doing?  Still Stalking?
Glad no one fell through the kitchen floor!   That’s got to be a ton of fun not being able to use the kitchen.  Hope you get it done quickly!
Hey Joshua!  Happy birthday!!!  ulti tools’s are really useful! They help out with a ton of things! hahaha its been in the 50’s or 70’s all this week! Lots of rain, soo sadly no snow….. hey! my Ward is going to be doing a linger longer in a few weeks! They are a lot of fun for the missionary’s! Free food and we get to spend time with the members!
My zone leaders are great! one is probably the most obedient missionary you’ll ever meet and about 7 feet tall… and the other one is a health nut. He does about 150 push up’s and pull’s every other day… its really funny that those 2 ended up together…. one is really obedient and the other is working on being obedient… but they are really awesome! Tthe stake has 7 or 8 wards and 2 branches… so its good sized… although the stake center is MASSIVE!   It’s really really big! Just the gym is the size of our chapel and gym all together… its really really big! The people are doing good. They all are doing great, some times better then others but for the most part they all are doing well!
The interesting experience’s and protection we have received this week…..
Thursday nigh when Elder Elison and I got back to the apartment that night…. We pulled up and felt really really uneasy. We have no idea why but while we were doing the mile log, we had the feeling that we needed to finish and get in side as soon as we could.   We went inside and felt better but we could still feel that something was really, really off and we could not stay still.  We felt that we needed to be on our toes and to be ready… not sure what for, but just to be ready…. we woke up the next morning (Friday) and did our study’s.  The feeling was gone so we went off to coordination meeting at 10am and went through the day like we normally do.   We got back from sister BB’s and as we were pulling onto our street,  we had the same feeling but darker and it felt so much colder….  and it never went away.   Once we opened our daily planning with a prayer, we felt like everything will be fine and that we will be safe that night but to stay inside and be aware of the surroundings.. Saturday night, we had the same feeling…. the same exact feeling as the other nights but that we should not linger and that we should pray and get to bed.  
Sunday was by far the most crazy Sunday I’ve had so far.. but our church meetings were normal and really good! Elder Elison taught gospel principles and that went soooo well! We ended up doing emergency exchanges, not emergency transfers so we all are still here! Because of some stuff that had happened with the sisters but i’ll go into that more later…. Anyway as Elder Elison and I were driving back our district leader called and asked if we wanted to stay the night in their apartment so we could save on miles, work on helping Elder Rogers feel like part of the district, it was mostly because of what had happened  with the sisters because everyone but Elder Rogers knew what had happened.  We teach the same person and Elder Shaffier is the district leader, he knew something was up… Elder Elison and I didn’t feel good or bad about spending the night because our mission president hasn’t said yes that’s allowed or no that’s not allowed so we had no idea if we should or not… but as we were about 2 stop sign’s (about 200ish feet from our drive way) away from our apartment,  we had the same feeling we had had the past 3 nights and it was worse.  It felt like a dark cold blanket was draped over the whole area… kinda like driving into really really thick fog… and we both had the feeling that this is not a night we should be at our apartment.   So we went and got the stuff and Elder Elison had the thought that we need to bless our home and that I should do it.  When I had said something in the prayer,  the spirit came right into the room. we felt so much better. It felt like there was a 3rd person in the room there watching over us and that we will be safe but that we should not stay at our apartment tonight. That we needed to go somewhere else so we drove back to the Hammond apartment to stay the night there.
Saturday, the sisters had called us and said they needed to talk to us about some stuff that happen at an investigators house that all of us had been teaching that had freaked them out.  It  made the spirit leave and give them the feeling that they should leave. They ended up calling our mission president and he said that the sister’s are not to go to that house while a certain person was there and are to not talk to or be around that person anymore.  Our district leader felt like he should go over and talk with the person’s mum and explain how the sister’s felt.  That they can’t come back unless that person is out of the house she understood… We talked about it later and realized that if the sister’s had not been asked to see her and teach her that day,  something bad could have happened.
When the spirit says to do something or not to do something, listen! It will not let you walk in to something with out warning you first.  It will protect you.  Just listen and all will work out for the better.  I don’t know what might have happened if we did not listen to the spirit.  Both Elder Elison and I have no idea why we were not to be in Ponchatoula all Friday and Saturday and why we were not to sleep at our apartment.  I probably will never know and I’m not sure I want to know, but what I do know is that God was looking out for us. He was there warning us and protecting us. If you listen you will hear him. If you ever get a horrible feeling, get out of that place. Get on your knees and ask for help.  He will answer.  Have the faith and trust Him that no matter how bad you feel or where you are.   You can always get on your knees in prayer and He will answer!
Something that really has stuck out to me this week is how well prayer works.. I really felt like I should say Thank you for all the prayers. You may not see what they do but I have seen how much and how well the have affected both my companion and I.  They have protected us. I know prayer works.  I thank all of you for the prayer’s that have been sent up for my companion and I. Thank you all so very much! It really helps me feel peace that there are people praying for my companion and I.
Thank you all again
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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