March 2, 2015

Hello everyone!
Things have been going well! Its finally been a quiet week and not many crazy thing have happened! We didn’t get to see many of our investigator’s this week because most of them had a lot going on and were not home..  but it was a really good week! We were able to strengthen our relationship with 3 of them a lot!  We have been trying to get some to come to Conference but not many people have working cars.  :/
No snow, LOTS of rain!   Sounds like you guys are so busy with LOTS of puppies.  I bet that’s nice to have the kitchen back in order! Good luck fixing the bathroom floor.
We had our interview’s with our Mission president Sunday night! They were really good! I learned a lot and it was god to see the Mission President! This coming up transfer is going to be interesting….. I’ll probably be getting a new companion……. President Hansen talked a lot about  my missionary’s family tree.. (a missionary family tree is where someone trains a new missionary and the trainee is the trainers son and so forth) he talked about how my great grandpa (Elder Stratford, he’s Elder Browns dad/trainer) was a really really great missionary and then he talk about how Elder brown (My zone leader and Elder Elison dad/trainer) is a really dedicated missionary and works really hard! Then he talked about Elder Elison (my dad/trainer)  and how he is a really really good missionary and works hard then he said lets keep this awesome missionary lineage going…. so I think I might end up training a new missionary some time  :/
 Tender mercy…. I fasted for something yesterday and because of that fast,  things went really well/ got better…..  Thanks for  the journal, its great!
I don’t need anything… but I might need to buy a new brace and patella strap for my knee with my home card…. if that’s alright with you guys… my knee is doing sooo much better! I still need to use it when I run but I can bike with out It…..Elder Elison had a infected ingrown toenail this week… its doing a lot better!  How much snow do y’all have? No odd foods to report:) Joshua:  congrats on your Wolf in cub scouts.
 Zachary:  I added WAY to much cayenne pepper to something I made…. that pepper is sooooo sooo much more spicy here then other places.   I’d say the best is meeting the people here and serving the Lord!
But very little happened this week… so here isn’t much to tell y’all about…..
Have a great week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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