March 9, 2015

Hi Friends and family,

This week has been a little slow.  Mostly because people were not home and we went tracting/contacting a lot.  It was still a crazy week.  We have 15 investigators now. Progress is really slow but they are moving forward.  We have 2 new investigators!  One is a little stubborn but really nice and open to talking.  The other is  really nice but acts like a mother.  Once we explained what we are doing, she asked what we are eating, if we needed anything and lots of questions.  She then invited us to lunch.  She said the things wet taught her seems to stick and makes her think a lot.   Things turn out really well when you do what your are asked.  We have transfers next Wednesday so I won’t find to till next Monday who is being transferred.

Thursday, we had a little surprise in our apartment.  It decided to rain….. a lot.  I was in the shower when Elder Elison told me to get out.  Our shower was leaking so we had to go to Hammond Elders apartment to shower.  We might get moved because the washer is taking 8-24 hours to do a load and the door is not wanting to close and starting to split.  Its a rather old apartment.

Tuesday -Thursday we had Elder Rogers with us while Elder Shffier was in Amite.  It was different having 3 of us instead of just the 2.

I was an interesting week.  I learned where the nut house is… but it has been good!  Things that could have turned out really, really bad ended up turning out so much better than they were before.  One of the people we have been working with ended up having to take her son to the ER.  I can’t say much about tit but that house will be getting so much better now that he is out of the house.  He had to be sent to the nut house.  It was both a tender mercy and a miracle that no one was killed.

You guys had a lot of puppies!  How did Max brake is foot?   Tell Grandpa and Grandma Ralph I say hello.  The Smiths too!  I will wait a little longer to see how long my brace will last.  Mum: Could you send me some of that icy hot cream stuff and some shoe polish?

We have had bright and sunny days, some rather cold and others a bit hot.  One day its 80 and the next its 30.   It changes so fast.  I am learning to talk with people.  Its a pain in the butt but its getting a lot easier to do it.  I am leaning a lot about Nephi, the Lord showed him a lot.

Zachary:  They use a lot of Cayene pepper in the soups.  its spicy.  Hopefully things go better with basketball.  I miss campouts, they were fun.  I don’t think I have met the older Brother Livingston.  Who are you taking to Prom? Joshua:  How are Chris and Cass doing?  How is Jacob doing?  Caitlyn:  Good on your job!  How much is girls camp this year?  what changed?  My favorite is Red River Gorge.  Tons of fun just watch out for snakes.  There are a lot of them and don’t do anything stupid.  There are a lot of long falls and some kind of hard to get around without falling.  BTW I hope you like heights.  We have not had a lot of meal appointments this week but we are good. I hope grandma Pearl is doing better with her toe.  Lindsay:  You have gotten a lot done.  Is Quality Assurance the same as last year?  Have fun in 4-H.



Elder Micah A. Ralph

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