March 16, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

Sorry but I need to keep this short because I’ve been sick so I’ll give more details next week…..

Things are going okay….. This companionship has been under the weather this week. We’ve been sick like all week so we have not been able to do much.  We both slept more then we were awake. My companion and I have been sick literally all week.  My companion is getting transferred and I’m staying so I’m taking over the area and getting a new companion.  P-day is gonna be a bit boring, I’m not allowed to do much.
We’ve spent almost a week at  the Hammond apartment… we go and shower and spend the night because we normally have meetings the next day…. and it helps them get along too.
Just a heads up but we might get moved to different apartments because they still have not fixed the shower…. it’s been about 2 weeks… and 4 visits from the repair guy…. our apartment people are not happy.
 It’s been really rainy, its been 75-90 this week. Normally,  we ride bikes 10-15 miles a day but we’ve been sick so we have spent like all week in side.  It is soooooo humid here! and there is so much pollen in the air that it leaves a layer of it on EVERYTHING! 
My favorite person to teach would either be sister BB’s family or Kim, Kelly and Rob Newsome! Not sure if this is funny or not but Sunday I was supposed to be the pianist for the musical number and the missionaries got asked to give talks about 7am Sunday morning for church that starts at 9 am.   I ended up giving a talk while not being able to read or write…… it was interesting, but it went really really well! I don’t remember what I said but apparently I talked for 4-5 mins…. all I remember is getting up and then sitting down once I finished… and then being woken up by my companion.
Some of the elders in my district want me to teach them how to handle a sword… don’t worry we’ll use nerf swords.  I get called a Yankee A TON!
oh…… I’m sorry to hear about Brother Guffey… how did he die?
I’m good on supplies right now.  I do love kit kats and snickers:)  Don’t send any brownies,  I still have the 2 boxes you sent.  Could you look up an wi-fi SD card? it’s something you put in your camera that is like I-cloud so when I have wifi I can up load the pictures and videos to that all yall can just get them off of that! it will make things a lot easier! if you get confused ask Jacob.. he might know how to do it…. also I had to buy a GPS with my home card because Elder Elison is leaving,  it cost 118.81$ it was the cheapest one the had.

I need to get off… otherwise the mission nurse wont be too happy with me.  Have fun and be safe!
Elder Micah A. Ralph

DSCN0177[1] DSCN0181[1] DSCN0143[1] DSCN0144[1] DSCN0146[1] DSCN0148[1] DSCN0151[1] DSCN0156[1] DSCN0160[1] DSCN0167[1] DSCN0169[1] DSCN0170[1] DSCN0175[1]


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