April 7, 2015 and a new Address!

New Address:  as of April 8, 2015

1718 Amazon #20                                                                                                                       Eunice, LA 70535.

Hi Everyone,
Happy Easter!
Not much has happened because my companion has been really sick the last week…. P-day yesterday was really fun! We played doge ball and then we decided to play ultimate out side… in the pouring rain, it was really really slippery!
Last week,  Elder Abbott and I found out that the mission doctors want him to go home to figure out whats wrong with him because he gets really really sick when ever  he eats. We have been eating lots of salads and pot pies.   My area is being closed/given to the other missionaries in my district.  They are swamped as it is so i guess adding 30ish less-actives and 18 investigators to their table isn’t too bad.
I’m being transferred…… they are sending me to Eunice, its east of Opalouses about 3 hours away…. so the last week has been really stressful…. hope yall have a better week then me!
I take it y.all heard what some people yelled during conference? Conference was amazing and really funny! My companion kept saying how he wasn’t planning on getting married that fast after his mission! HAHA! The lord has something else in mind for him! 8 of the talks at conference talked about family’s and marriage.  President Uchdorf’s or Eyring’s talks were my favorite.  The finally addressed the devices in church! 
Grandma:  Thanks for the box.  How is Great-Grandma doing?  Mum:  I did get the box.  Thank you. Family:  I bet camping in the rain was fun!  Joshua:  I miss Sailing…. have fun with it!
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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