April 13, 2015

Hey everyone!

So here’s an update! I got ET (emergency transferred) because my companion went home… so now I’m in Eunice….  it is a really really tiny town.  My new companion, Elder Barbeau, is from Canada, speaks french and is learning English…. Yes, I’m helping him learn English so…. I guess I will learn some french!  When I got there, we had 1 investigator, no members with in 15 miles of our area ( we are in the middle of no where)  and 1 less-active that is rather crazy, that we probably should not see and 2 PI’s…. I have never done so much tracting! We’ve walked about 16 miles in about 2 days….  ( my bike some how got left in Baton Rouge) Our mission President came to check out the area and he realized how small it is so decided to go tracting with us! With all the tracting we’ve done we have 2 new investigators and 8 more PI’s (potential investigators) and we may have found a less-active.  One of them is a herbalist and has some interesting ideas.  Our mission President said that he is going to add about 15-20 miles to our area on the Oakdale side.  It will be really nice! Before it was about 5 miles by 4 miles or so…. and about half of that was getto so we can’t go there.
The area is TINY!  We have been out when ever it is not raining. The ward ( more of a branch) is really small but the members area really missionary minded which helps a ton! We have a car… and we bike… our church building is 22ish miles away. They would feed us really well but the closest member lives about 15 miles(one direction) away.  Lots of Cajuns here so good thing my companion speaks french….. I guess I will learn Creole too….
 The AP’s (assistants to the President) will get my bike  here. I am going to need a new book bag.  I’m not sure how long the one I have will last…. its starting to fall apart and the zipper broke.  My companion is  really good! Kinda hard to understand sometimes but it’s not too bad. I did take the chess set from our old apartment with me.  My companion got called as the district leader! We have the STL’s (sister training leaders) and the Zone leaders in our district!
I’ve been studying Jesus the Christ and the book of Mormon.   I’ve had a lot of time to study lately. When ever it rains we are stuck in side because we have no one to teach and we can’t go tracting in the rain.   Things are going a little better.   I lost my bathroom bag, with everything in it… so I kinda need more of the daily vitamins and some allergy pills. I also I’m going to need a new bag soon because the zipper is messed up and it’s starting to rip….. and I need some more spices.
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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