April 20, 2015

Hi Everyone,
Things have been slow but going good! We have been tracting, teaching 1 lesson, more tracting… then some more tracting… and then a little more tracting! We tracted into  this lady and she was really really happy to see us! Apparently, she used to have the missionaries over all the time when she lived in Washington state! She and her and her son call them the Christian dudes! It was a really positive contact! She is a retired cop and she’s a active state trooper.  She told us that if we are ever in trouble to call her and she’ll come and help out! Then told us the places that we should not tract or be in.  The other people we had tracted into were not always too happy to see us…. but most are not too bad…. There are a lot more cajuns here…. and a good amount of racist people too. It’s a little different but not too much.
We got to go to a Crawfish boil yesterday.  It was REALLY good!  The new ward is really  good! They are really friendly and open!! Although they are honestly more of a branch… but they are great! Our investigators are doing okay… one is off shore for a few weeks… so we can’t teach him…. but the other 2 are doing good. My companions is really great! No new food’s yet…. we do not have members close to us so we don’t get fed that much.  It’s just hard to get people to church because the building is 22 miles away from Eunice.
I have learned some french and creole but not much. hallo zu do zu! ich bin gut! I dont i know how to spell the words to answer…. but i kinda know what it means..  My companion is  doing really well with English!  Wow You have got alot of lambs!  Sounds like you are getting alot done there.  I have not been to the temple here yet but we can go about every 3 months.
Y’all have a great week!
Elder Micah A. Ralph

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