April 28, 2015


This week we tracted in to 2 family and a cop that are now investigating!. we’ve done a ton of tracting!.. and more tracting! Its been kinda slow but it hasn’t been too bad.  Yesterday morning, we had tornado warnings and were put on lock down for 2ish hours during which the power went out and the clouds were soo black that it looked like 7-7:30 at night! but we are all fine! The zone im in is being shut down and the areas are being put in to 2 different zones so we went from the smallest zone to the biggest (the size of all the areas combined)…. and there are a lot of areas being shut down because there are so many missionaries going home…..

We’ve tracked almost half of Eunice in 3 weeks.  The new area is okay… kinda small and there are a ton of catholic’s here…. uhhhh French, I’ve learned some but not much. It’s kinda like back home but a ton more spread out… and it’s hard to get out there because we dont have the miles…. we get 1200 a month but we have to go up to Opalousas every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and when ever we have coordination.. and its 45 miles there and back… so it makes things a little hard… we do a ton of walking so we can save miles.

Im glad grandma is doing better. Im sorry to hear that she fell.  i could use some more icy hot cream! I eat almost no junk food now! and yeah peppermint tea helps a ton! Im getting enough to eat! What are the new missionaries names?? I had met some Elders at the MTC that were going to Ohio!

Mum, question, do you know of any good ways to get rid of shin splints??

My companion is doing good! We get along well.  They should be bring my bike to transfers and give it to some Elders in my district them they will bring it back . The ward is really great! they are really really missionary minded! and it helps a ton!

hahaha a calf named chuck, sounds yummy! Hey, Lindsay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Hope you all have a great week.

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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