May 4, 2015

Hi friends and family,

Well, it’s been a long week.  Wednesday one of the families we were teaching dropped us… but on the bright side we’ve been teaching a older southern baptist man.  We taught the plan of salvation and he love all of it!  Somehow we got on the subjects of baby baptisms and what happens to the people that die before they hear about Christ or have the opportunity to accept him.  We explained what our church knows to be true and he COMPLETELY AGREED!

Sunday we went tracting and well…. there is a interesting old man that lives in Eunice.  We WONT be going back there…. we tried to teach the Restoration but he’s a bit crazy and cant stay on one topic for more then 20 seconds.  Loves to talk about really odd things…. but boy does he lloovvee his broken table…… but hey, at least he had the kind heart to offer us things that you should wait for…….. anyways it’s been a great and funny week!

So this coming up Sunday is mother’s day! We asked some members if we could face-time with our families and they said that we can come over and do it at their house! So, we’ll be there at 5pm Louisiana time! See y’all Sunday!!!

Its finally picking up… the teaching pool is small but growing.  It’s been in the 90’s and very humid…. yeah it slows us down… because we can’t tract for very long before we run out of water.  We end up having to take a 10-15 minute  break to cool down and get hydrated again… mostly people stay inside and try to stay out of the heat…. I hope we can go to the temple soon…

The  ward is doing good! They are doing a really really great job helping the missionaries in the ward! If we need anything they will get it for us.. literally anything.  The bishop is always offering to help the people we teach and buying gas for the members to go pick them up.  Another interesting experience, is we tracted in to 2 drunk catholic men… it was kinda funny… they were drunk enough that they didn’t bash us but asked a ton of questions and the older man went through 4 beers before we

Thanks for the stuff! I cant think of anything that we need right now…. yeah Im geting shin splints… it’s from walking on both concrete and pavement… I started icing this week and its helped some… we will be using the bikes a ton more now that we got mine from Baton Rouge!
Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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