May 11, 2015


It’s been a good week! We did a LOT of tracting again… but it was good! We tracted into someone that has short-term-memory loss, ADD and ADHD… but he was such a nice guy! He is probably the nicest person we have tracted into and wanted us to come back! He is one of those people you meet and you like being around!

Friday we taught one of our Investigator’s before he left to go off shore( that’s where he works)  and we found out that he’s been busy! He can’t read so at night he asks some of the guys he works with to read the pamphlets that we gave him  out loud so he can learn from it and well… then he tells the guy that he has to go use the bathroom and to keep reading.  He goes off and does what ever and comes back and most of the time the guys love the pamphlets! He not even a member and he’s doing missionary work!!!!!  I got to Skype my family yesterday!! it was good! didn’t have much time to do it but oh well. It was great hearing my companion skype his family! It was all in French! (and no I had no idea what he was saying haha)

This week is gonna be CRAZY! we have meetings in Opealousas Tuesday, Wednesday, Interviews on Thursday and a meeting in Alexandria on Friday!

It was fun seeing yall! it was great to talk to all of you! Tracting…. well I’m not too fond of it… but we need to do it so oh well…..  Can you send me one of my knifes! I lost my muti-tool 😦

It was great to see yall!! We don’t get fed that often so we don’t get the chance too try any odd foods…  wow…. the farm is going to look really really good! I’ve been fasting and praying alot. The mission is really only as hard as you make it…. if you stay positive it goes by really really fast and you’ll love it and the bad things wont bother you. Its neat you are adopting a sister missionary.  It really really help’s to have a family (even adopted) to help!
In my last area we had 2 mums…. we call one our Jewish mama (Kim Newsom)  and the other our black mama ( that’s sister BB hahah). They both told us that if we ever need anything that they will help! and oh boy! Never do something to the missionaries when sister BB is around…. if ya do… you’ll wish you never even thought of doing it. Her soon-to-be son-in-law tried to run away from us instead of saying that he didn’t want to meet with us anymore… She got him back in the room and bluntly told us that he ran away from us and asked us what he need to do to stop meeting with us ( so we told him just to talk about it with us) and then she told him that if he wants to marry her daughter he’s gonna listen to us and be nice.  She did all that in front of us! When we were leaving (while I was backing my companion) I could hear her chewing him out…. I think  he learned not to make her mad……Sister BB is basically the matriarch of the neighborhood.  She knows everyone and they all know her and talk to her about their problems…. .

I hope all yall had a great week! HaPpY MoThErS DaY!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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