May 18, 2015


Well.. it’s been a long week….. but it’s been good! We had a ton of meetings!! I think we’ve spent 2 maybe 3 days in Eunice because we have had so many meetings! Friday we had ZTM (zone training meeting) in Alexandria ( it’s about 1:20 away) and I got to see my first District leader, my Mission mum, and my trainer! So 3 of the 5 that were in my first district in the field! It was really good! I learned a lot from that meeting! They talked a lot about using time wisely and getting along with your companion!  Then Thursday we had interviews with our mission president and he asked us to go to the different churches (and there’s a TON btw…) and ask if there’s any service that we can help with! Tuesday, we had District meeting and that was really good! Talked a lot about talking to everyone you see.  Wednesday, some lady tried to anti us…. everything she brought up we answered and helped her understand what was false and what wasn’t but it’s really hard trying to help someone that doesn’t want to learn. The spirit was there so at least she felt that.  She basically kicked us out because she couldn’t find any questions that we couldn’t answer…  it was interesting because when I didn’t know what to say my companion knew what to say and it was the same the other way around…
Our 1# investigator called us Saturday night and told us that he would not be at church because he’s comfortable with the one he’s in.  He told us that there is no way that there could be a prophet to day.
We are going to talk to the preacher’s, pastor’s and the Catholic priests and ask them if there’s any service that we can do.. as far as I know there’s not a food pantry…. We have 1 less-active… and she smokes weed all the time and doesn’t want to see us… and really isn’t too happy when we call. The food’s okay… we get fed maybe 2 times a week…. but normally just once.  We had to wait for a member at church so we sat down and watched Elder Bednar! It was really really good!! Yeah, it is amazing what the spirit can do when you do your part!
How was BYD?  I bet good!   The companionship is going great! I’ve been studying in mosiah, about king Noah and all that.  Brittanys comment about Zachary was funny!  She would have killed us if we said that to her!  Send me a picture of Rain.  I am surprised she did not spit when you sheared her!
The missionaries call mum “Mama Ralph”?!  Wow!  Thats great!  Looks like Lindsay is loving being social in youth group:)  Sounds like the farm is going through changes and will look great!  Hope Joshua finds a some buddies.  Its good to have a friend.  I bet you are all excited for summer.  Sounds like the farm has alot of animals.
Caitlyn:  HAHAH the sister missionaries helped bathe Rain the llama?
wow…. that’s really funny!  You named the beef calf  meatball? wow…. wow…. wow…. really meat ball?? yes,  send me something from tbone! Yummy!
Zachary:  looks like a great prom!
Josh:  Dont crash on the 4-Wheeler!  What Ranger Apprentice book are you reading?
Lindsay:  Do you still wack people?Strong arm:)Glad you are enjoying young womens!
I could use some brownie mix 🙂 and some tuna 🙂  What I like most about being a missionary is probably meeting new people and getting to know the ward members also spending time with the missionaries.
Hope yall have a good week!
Elder Micah A.Ralph

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