May 25,2015

Hello everyone!

Well….it’s been an interesting week….. We went to some of the churches and found out that the biggest Baptist church doesn’t give or take service from non-members :/ but we went to one of the big catholic church and asked for the priest, gave our number and the deacon of that church called us!He said that they don’t have any service right now but next month they are moving their food pantry and said that we can help with that.   He will call us and let us know! Its been kinda hard to get ahold of the the preachers and priests but we are working on it!

Saturday, we went tracting in Mamou! It went really well! We spent 6 hours tracting there and we tracted into a older man that had met the Oakdale missionaries 4 years ago! As we talked with him, he told us that there is only one true book and that it is the bible.  He continued to say that no one has been able to give or show him another book that is completely true.  My companion said that we had one and gave him a book of Mormon and he told us that he had asked for one years ago but never got it! He know’s that it is true! it’s been a long week but really good! While we were tracting,  we went up to someone’s porch and talked to the 2 people and once we started teaching them the restoration it started POURING.  It was coming down so hard that it was hard to hear what we were saying.. but when we finished teaching it stopped! It was such a blessing because we would have been completely soaked before we got anywhere n’ear the car….

Could y’all pray for Gen Young and Thaddeous Dagle?  They need a change of heart…..

Some lady offered us a marketing job to do on the side of our missionary work… we told her no because we are spending all our time serving the lord….the members did bring all the missionaries some treats.  It was nice.

The strangest food so far is alligator.  Tell Goits and uncle Ernie Hi.  Congrats on the job and move Uncle  Ernie.  It’s stinken hot… by 8 or 9 in the morning it’s over 80….. and incredibly humid…… you walk out side and you start to sweat right away.  There is nothing you can do to not sweat.

We are biking more then we have been! Our  investigators are about the same… I’ve been learning a lot about the parables from Jesus the Christ!  They are really good.  We’ve mostly taught the restoration….. the closest temple is in Baton rouge…we dont get to go to often…

My French?? umm not too good…. my companion is doing good! Getting better at pronouncing things!

I hope all of you have a great week!

Elder Micah A. Ralph

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