June 1,2015

Hi everyone,

Prayers go up and blessings come down!- calvin

Well.. its been a really good week! It started off kinda slow but Tuesday our zone leaders asked if they could come down and double work our area Wednesday after district meeting!  After district meeting Elder Dye showed me his phone and told me that he had missed a call from my MTC companion and then said want to call him back?? So I got to talk with Elder Jones for a little bit!!

Wednesday went so well! Elder Brimhall and I went to Mamou to go do some follow up visits!  Last minute I decided to go tracting and we were soooo blessed! We had 15+ people that want us to come back and we got 2 new investigators! My companion and I have been praying for some miracles to happen because we had done all that we could and like nothing was happening.  We were running out of things to do… but this week (and a little last week) we started to tract in Mamou.  The people there are soooo much more open and nicer and willing to listen and learn! When you do all you can and keep trying and ask for help God will send it.  He will make things happen! Both of us have never had that much success in such a short time and in a small area!

Sunday at church the talks were really good! The bishop gave one on anger and it was one of the best talks I’ve heard! The sister’s in our district had a baptism and it was really good! We had almost the whole ward there!

Pray for Gen Young and Lane and Roger.

It’s been over 90 and feels like someone just got out of the shower when you walk out side.  My companion is doing really good!
Elder Micah A. Ralph!

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