June 15,2015

Hi Everyone,

Well…. we had transfers….. and i got a new companion! His name is Elder Romero, from Utah! it’s been a slow week.  We had P-day on Tuesday this week and we had transfers Wednesday.  That took almost the whole day…  oh and…. well… the sister’s that came in this transfer are the ones i go home with! o.O I FEEL SO OLD! i’ve been out more then 6 months! Thursday we tried and tried and tried to see people but….. almost no one was home… but it was still good to help my new companion get to know the area! Saturday we spent the whole day in Mamou! it’s a tiny town.. but there’s a ton of stuff to do!  We’ve had more people intrested and open in that town with less the 12 hours of tracting then we’ve had in over 2 months in Eunice!!! Sunday we had church! it was really good ward conference! Some of the stake leaders were there and it was really good!  They had FOOD after the meeting! Sadly, one of the family’s we were teaching dropped us :/ no idea why… but oh boy… people down here love to make excuses and lie to missionaries….. it’s honestly kinda funny to see how bad some people lie and make excuses………..  oh! while we were tracting in Mamou we went to this house and we asked if she was christen and she said no….. I’m baptist?  We said wait, so do you believe in christ? She responded yes i do.  and we said well then your christen! We asked her if we could read a scripture about Christ and she told us she was busy.  It was kinda sad because she really did not know what we were talking about and once we asked if we could share a scripture about christ she really was not interested.

I did get the socks.  Thank you.  I’m still studying Jesus the Christ! I’m almost done with it! It’s been talking a lot about the 3 Nephites! The ones that would not die and would be translated at the 2ed coming! It’s really really good! Our week was okay… we didn’t get to do much because we had to go up to Baton Rouge… and that took almost all day Wednesday….  Thursday we saw some of the people we teach in Eunice and Friday we had some meetings and Saturday we spent the whole day in Mamou…  My new companion want’s me to teach him how to play the piano….It’s different not having to teach someone English every morning. ward is awesome! it’s going to be a tight month but we’ll be fine! I bet! they probably have needed to be cleaned really well for a while…. really? it’s all painted??  cool! that’s going to look good!  hahahaha…. still blamed it on me till i left…. ahhh you cut chewie’s hair? i bet they look much better! how old is ginger?? her last time? wow….. uhhh that’s a long time!  i bet all the furniture will look good! wow that’s really cheap! what color is her iPhone? he’s missed a lot of church? why?? i hope something happens to make him a bit more humble. i’ve tried to email him but he never answers back… wait.. so he’s has more then he had before i left? what has she been doing?  yeah i bet! yall will have fun! hahah yeah send me a picture of him with it all on!

There are turtles like EVERYWHERE! in the middle of the road… in the grass…. in the middle of no where when there’s no water for miles….. just lots and lots of turtles…. . I just need some sowing stuff…. clothes…. i might have to go to goodwill sometime to get some more dress pants because a lot of them are too small or have ripped…. but im good for now so it’s not a rush…. hmmm can y’all pray for Calvin, the Reynolds and Thaddeus!

 I hope y’all have fun camping!



Elder Micah A. Ralph!

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