June 8, 2015

Hi Everyone,

well…. it’s transfer week! I’m staying in Eunice… so I’m here for the next 6 weeks… and my French-Canadian companion is being transferred.  Now I’m going to be praying that no one decides to talk to us in French.  One of the Elder’s in my District is going to be a assistant to the President! That’s going to be nice to know someone there!

Wednesday, we taught someone and he was drunk… he’d gone through 9ish beers before we came.  It was interesting.  We taught a little then he started singing and dancing about Jesus… … but on the bright side he loved the little part that we did get to teach! He was introducing us to everyone that drove by that he knew! Tuesday-Thursday we did exchanges and it was really really good! Thursday- Saturday we did nothing because my companion injured his knee.. and the doctor said he needed to rest up.  One of our investigators dropped us…. he never got what we meant by proper authority…. no matter how many times we explained it or explained it in many many different ways.  Thee only thing that we could have done was bluntly and kinda rudely tell him…..  although he did get that we wanted him to get baptized…. took a few weeks but…. at least he got that! This is gonna either be a really hard transfer or an easy one… hopefully I get a good companion. The stake President asked us to go and talk to the mayor and the newspaper people plus start a bible study in the tiny college that is technically out of our mission by 2ish miles.  We live 1 mile from the border and the college is a little more then 3 miles away… but our mission President said that it’s fine soo we are going to be really busy the next 6 weeks.

I hope Sophie is doing better! How is Javier doing?  Tell him hi!  Glad you guys got the pool up and running!  ts stinken hot. it’s been 95-100 and sooooooooo humid. When it’s in the 80’s you get soaked just standing out side…. and you know it’s hot when it’s 79 in the apartment and it feels cold.  The ward is doing good! they are sooo supportive! If it wasn’t for them, Eunice would be the black hole in the mission and it’d be so much harder the it is.



Elder Micah A. Ralph

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