July 13,2015: Week 31 in the Mission Field

Hey Everyone,
I’m doing okay. My mission companion is good, we get along really well! Well, it’s been probably the craziest week I’ve had on my mission so far…

Wednesday-Thursday: We had exchanges with our district leader Elder Crouch.  While he and I were in Eunice, we got to meet the Mayor and the state rep plus a few other people! Set other appointments with the ones that were not there! It went really well and was interesting… We got the cold shoulder until they found out that we are the Mormons and not the Jehovah witnesses.  Once they found that out it went really well!

Friday, our lunch hour, went from 1 hour to about 2 1/2 because we brunt what we were cooking….. and made a bit of a mess :/ Be careful when cooking food that you’ve never tried before….

Saturday was good until well…. lunch again. I was cooking and asked elder Romero to clean up the apartment a little because we have inspections the coming up week.  Well, he noticed that we had some ants in our room.  We started to move things around and found where they were coming from, under my bed.   We found a fire ant hill :/ so we spent the next 2 hours taking care of all that stuff.  We had to sleeping in the other room and on top of all that our AC went out….

Sunday, our mission President came to our ward with his wife to speak! it was really good!  During the 2nd hour our bishop read something the first Presidency had put out and long story short both the stake President and the bishop had to end the “discussion” and start classes.

We might be either moving/staying with some other elders 2-4 days a week to help them with their area and/or our area might get closed.  All in all it was a interesting week… and we have transfers next week….. so I’ll be emailing on Tuesday

The weather here stinks!  It is so darn hot and humid!  I’ll send some pictures if I can find my camera cord.  I don’t need anything right now but I did get 6 pairs of pants and some ties. Why was Joshua riding sheep?

Elder Micah A. Ralph!

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