Elder Ralphs new Address!

Hi Everyone,

Here is my new Address:

409 Sommerset Drive Apt. J

Deridder, Louisiana 70634

I have been doubled in, which means both of us are new to the area!  Sadly, its basically the place where some of the most disobedient missionaries have served.  My Companion Elder Rush and I have to do a ton of cleaning, going through stuff, throwing away alot junk.  The place was trashed so it will take a week or so to get it back how it needs to be.  Most of the food had to be thrown out.  The first night we were locked out because the sisters had the key and were on their way to Baton Rouge.  Its a back country city and shares a border with the Texas Mission.

We had a meeting with the ward mission leader and Bishop.  They are really happy to have Elders back and get things going. We should get alot of meals, too.  There are tons more members, less active’s and part member families.  We are literally 100 feet from a  walmart!  This will be a busy transfer!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

We ha


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