Week 34 in the Mission Field

Hello everyone!

Well, it’s been a crazy week! Tuesday we had District meeting which was really good!  Later that day we went on splits with our bishop and another member in the ward! We went and saw a lot of less-actives then bishop took me around and showed me some areas he wants us to tract and meet the people there!  It’s awesome to be companions with someone I already know! It makes things a ton easier!  The Bishop goes out with us every Tuesday.

We did laundry at the member’s house after we finished splits! Wednesday we went with our ward mission leader and saw a few more less-actives and a few other people he knows! Thursday, we tried to meet the lady that is in charge of all the service projects for DeRidder, the chief of police and some other people in the city hall and did we tracted for a bit…… Friday we drove a TON! Just trying to figure out the area and where everyone and everything is …..we got to see some GREAT people 🙂

Saturday we went to meet a investigator that the sisters gave us and well… doing all that driving makes you tired.  We were most of the way there and well…. being out in Merryville which is a small country town makes it hard to find a gas station.  We took the shortest route but sadly we ran out of gas,  right smack in the middle of some back woods road.  The closest place to buy gas was about 5-6 miles away. Thankfully, some very kind missionaries answered our call and took us to the appointment (which we were late for) and then to the ward bbq that the bishop asked us to be at to meet all the members and their friends.  We asked a member brother Todd if he could drive us back after we got gas scene he lives fairly close.  Sunday was normal,  we got to eat at a less-actives house! it was good an we had a really good lesson!

I got the packages, thank you. The camera is great!  I don’t think that I need anything else right now.

We might be fishing or going bowling with a investigator that’s going to be baptized this Saturday!  We have 3 investigators! 2 the sisters gave us because they cant meet with that easily because they are single men and the other found us! Some random guy walked into the church building and asked if he could learn about Mormons.

Saw almost all the less-actives! Most of them haven’t been seen in 6 months or so…  the area is doing better! we are starting to get things roiling!  It took a while but the apartment is clean! My companion and I are eating really healthy this month!

Ya’ll have a great week!



Elder Micah A.Ralph

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