Week 36 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

I’m doing good! Just been tired.

Monday we had family home evening again! It’s always fun! Tuesday: just district meeting.  We had dinner at our bishops house other then that we just tried to find people to teach and meet less-actives. Wednesday: we went out with our ward mission leader… it was okay, we got kicked off of some peoples property.  Thursday: we met with Jesse who got baptized on Saturday! Literally everything else we had planned fell through.  Friday: some member’s took us out to eat and it was good!

Something kinda funny happened.  The sister’s had told us that they met a guy that used to have the elders teach him in Germany and asked us to meet him and teach him.   So, I had been preparing for a German lesson and doing language study…. and well… the guy didn’t speak any German…. but he was a really nice old black guy.   Then a member told us that she has a neighbor that is German so I’ll end up teaching in German sometime!

Saturday we tried to contact some referrals that we had gotten but no one was home.  So we went to the church to set up everything for the baptism and finish up some studies.  The baptism was really good and the guy was so ready for it.   Because there were a ton of people there so we had to move into the chapel to fit everyone!

Sunday we had church and our bishop gave a really good talk! It was about the book of Mormon and did a great job! After church we had a potluck then Elder Rush and I decided to pick a few streets and go tract them! It turned out really well! We have a bunch of people that said we could come back!  Sunday night we went to a youth fireside in Leesville! It was really good but well… as missionaries it didn’t really apply to us… but it was still really good!  The ward is warming up to us.

Hope you guys planned a ton for moms birthday!  I might send something for her birthday! I just need to figure out what to send.  Hope ya’ll have a good school year! Zachary is a good driver!  The hottest its been is 106 without counting in the humidity.  I am really tan except when you see my feet!

Can you pray for the ward, Andy and Jesse?

Hope ya’ll have a blessed week!



Elder Micah A. Ralph!


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