Week 37 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

Im doing okay!  Investigators are doing good, still working with them! The ward is getting better! We’re still working with the recent convert’s and our investigators.  I’ve been studying in Alma 50! and a talk called calling and election made sure 🙂 it’s been great to learn all that!  hmmm spiritual experience?We had a 2 hour bible bash :/ It was irritating but didn’t make me or my companion budge at all.  It was one of those times when someone know way to much for their own good…… and loves to talk and talk and not be nice….. and it makes the spirit leave and doesn’t help anyone come closer to Christ.

Tuesday-Wednesday, we had Exchanges! it was lots of fun! I got to stay in DeRidder with Elder Jensen and Elder Rush went to Leesville with our District leader!

Thursday was good! We weekly planned for the next week…. and we went to the bible study on post!

Friday, we went on splits with some member’s of our ward! it was good, although I forgot about it so we were not completely ready for it… but things worked out well in the long run! We had dinner with Brother and sister Hansen! ( no not the mission President and his wife) They are some awesome member’s from our ward! Somehow they knew my last 3 companions! Elder Abbott, Elder Barbea and Elder Romero!

Saturday night and Sunday, we had stake conference! There were some really good talks! They talked on keeping the Sabbath day holy, not using electronic in church meetings and missionary work! They were really good talks!

 I feel great! It’s been a challenge being a missionary but it has helped me and a lot of others!  It’s not something I’d want to change! If I had the chance to change it, I wouldn’t! It’s helped me understand things a lot better and taught me to learn to love and show others that I love them. It’s been great to see how happy you become when you help others instead of your self! I’ve seen that as you ask the Lord, He does answer you. There have been many promises that have been given to missionaries and they are real. You just need to ask and ask to see the Lords hand in your life. If you have questions, study, that is how God will answer you. All you need to do is ask. I promise y’all that, He will answer. The Prophets have said that every able bodied young man should serve a mission. If the Prophets have said that then it’s a commandment from the Lord.

I need some dairy pills.  I’ve bought some food and stuff to make the apartment smell good with my home card…. we’ve had a lot of dinner appointments but they don’t give us leftovers :/We’re trying to eat more healthy…. and well fruit doesn’t  last too long :/ We’ve been trying to be careful with money and such…. we’ve been doing really good! I miss working with Zachary, I bet Joshua is loving working and learning from Zachary! Its  a good thing for Joshua to know how to set up a tent! Happy birthday, mom! I’m glad yall had a good time!

Please, pray for Andy, Steven and Addly!

Hope ya’ll have a great week!



Elder Micah A. Ralph


Frozen Yogurt after a baptism


cleaning up the former elders rootbeer collection.


DSCN0646[1] Looking for someones home and ended up at a strip mine.

  DSCN0642[1]   DSCN0652[1]

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