Week 38 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

I’m not getting transfered! I’m staying here in DeRidder and my whole district is staying the same……………

Monday: We had FHE like normal.  It was really good! during FHE, we had a really bad storm.  It didn’t last too long but we saw a really cool double rainbow!

Tuesday: We didn’t have district meeting because our zone leaders were coming to do exchanges with our district leader on Wednesday so we just did it then…. it was good!

Wednesday-Thursday: We did tons of tracting and went out with our ward mission leader! We had inspections! It was a bit of a stressful day. Cant ever make anything too clean.

Friday not much went on… we tried to see a ton of people but…… not many were home…. mostly because school started…. but we did find a member we’ve been looking for!

Saturday was great! We got to go out with Brother Bell! He’s an awesome guy!! Sadly, the people we had planed to go see were out of town… but we still got to meet with a few people!

Sunday, we had church! It was great! We our high councilor spoke! it was a really good talk! We went and followed up with some people we had tracted into and one of them used to meet with the missionaries a long time ago! He was really friendly and fed us lunch! Asked us if we could help him stop smoking! It was a huge blessing! When you are short on things, the Lord will provide!  We got to go over to the Fikes house and have dinner! They are some awesome members!

I’ve learned that when we let pride talk,  we will not be happy and do well in life. We have to be humble and do Gods will, not ours.  Thats what the guy was doing.  Cant feel the Spirit if we are prideful and angry. Glad the Elders and Zack Goit were able to help with wood!  Yes, Gumbo is really good.

Could y’all pray for Gene, Andy, the Little Family and Nickolaus?



Elder Micah A. Ralph


Elder Micah A. Ralph!

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