Week 39 in the Mission Field

Hey everyone!

Well, it’s been a bit of a long week but it’s been good! We’ve been doing a TON of tracting and our car was out for a few days so we did a lot of walking.  The engine light came on so we did not use it much. It’s amazing how much the Lord blesses you when your doing his work! I’ve seen it in the ward I’m serving in! When we got here, the member’s really were not fond of the missionaries but now they are really opening up to us! The Lord really has provided for us as we ask him through prayer, even though some days don’t go well, He puts someone or something happens, that really makes the day a ton brighter! God has a plan for everything! I’ve seen it many times! If you look for it and ask God to help you see it.  You will see it.

 It’s just been humid here… it’s been in the 90’s all week.

Can ya’ll pray for Andy, the Jone’s  and Addley! Still working with a few members not to get too offended by others.  The Food is good,  the members feed us a fair amount.  The South is interesting.  I don’t have any needs right now.

You and Dad have done a great job with us kids.  Hope ya’ll have a great week!



Elder Micah A. Ralph

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