Week 41 in the Mission Field

Well everyone! It’s been a interesting week…..

Tuesday: we had our district meeting! It was good…. and we went to dinner with our bishop! He invited one of the other doctors he works with to come and he came! He’s an awesome guy, really funny and he asked us if we could help him move!

Wednesday: we had Specialized training! It was from 10-3, it took like the whole day but the meeting was okay. We learned about how to keep our apartments clean and met the mission shrinks! haha.. they are really nice…   and we did laundry at a members house.

Thursday: we had lunch with a member! It was really good! and fun! Then we went to an activity that our bishop asked us to be at and  was soooo good!They played a movie called the Drop Box! It’s about adoptions and such! It’s a really good movie! Y’all should look it up! At that activity we got to meet a ton of really awesome people!

Friday well… wasn’t the best day….. had a nice 20 min phone conversation with our mission president… everything’s good btw! We talked to our bishop Saturday morning about everything. There just have been some mix up’s and such…

Saturday: our Bishop brought us breakfast! He is a really really awesome guy! Knows how to show love when things need to be talked about and figured out!  It was really good and then we helped bishops friend move! That was a ton of work but lots of fun even though we didn’t have much sleep! haha! He’s one of those guys that is a ton of fun to work with because he makes it fun and he bought us subway for lunch! He’s a really good guy!

Sunday: we had church… it was good! One of the members spoke, he used to be a preacher! 🙂 It was really really good! loud… but really good! haha! We had a pot luck after church! The members here can cook really really, really well and we went to bother and sister Hansens house for dinner! It was good! They are a awesome family and really helpful and kind 🙂

Can y’all make a copy of the Pineapple rag, Eugenia, Sugar cane, the Easy Winners, Ragtime Dance and Scott Joplins New Rag? It’s in the Scott Joplin booklet 🙂 Please send the round brace for my knee.  Tell grandma I got her package!  😀 Thanks!

How are the Smiths and grandpa and grandma doing? I hope things go well for y’all, too!  Can y’all pray for Andy, Donna, Henry and our ward?

It’s been really nice weather! I’m glad y’all can still do voice and love it! haha well…. a ton of stuff has been going on…..  my knee isn’t doing too good….I’ll have my eye checked but its doing great.  Please send me something healthy! I’m trying to eat a ton less sweets and sugar!

Something I’ve seen in the past few weeks, is that the Lord really takes care of you! If you ask, He will make sure things get better! Maybe not all at once but they will! When you do your job you will be blessed and when someone needs correction, do it lovingly! It will be a huge blessing to both you and those you are around! The Lord will put people in your path that will help you a ton! You just need to ask and look for them! I have been asking and looking for a while and He put someone in my path Saturday, that has blessed my and my companion so much! Even if you don’t know why you need to do something and you do it, God sees what you have done and how you have followed Him!

Hope yall have a great week!



Elder Micah A. Ralph!

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