Week 42 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

Well, not much happened this week.   The sister’s got sick and were out for half the week or so.  My Companion got dehydrated but is doing better now.   We got to meet with one of our investigators, she’s doing really well! We’ve been getting more referrals from the member’s, which has been really nice!

You really learn alot on a mission and how to get along with everyone.  Its hard but alot of fun.  I got the music but I need a new satchel.  The other one has had it, its falling apart.  Its been in the 80’s and rainy.  Last Monday we got to go fishing and it was good! We caught lots of bass!

Can y’all pray for Andrew and Laura Lambert, the Jones family and Andy? I hope y’all get to watch general conference! It’s going to be really good! We’re getting 3 new apostles!

Hope y’all have a great week!



Elder Micah A. Ralph!



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