Week 43 in the Mission Field

Hi everyone!

It’s been a fairly good week! We have transfers next week so don’t send anything in the mail including packages and I’ll be emailing next Tuesday!

Tuesday was District meeting, it was good! We had a good Lunch that the senior couple brought and we had dinner with our bishop! He had some friends over for dinner too, it was good! They both are really good guys.

Wednesday, we went teaching with our ward mission leader but not many people were home so we didn’t get to see to many people. We tried to go do laundry at brother Fontenot’s house but he was still at work so we went to the brother and sister Hansens! They are awesome! We had a really good talk with them while our laundry was being washed!

Thursday, we had lots of planning. While we were driving to a bible study and accidentally cut someone off and really made them mad or something.  They followed us for a long while :/ and we ended up being 30ish minutes late to the Bible study.

Friday, we had dinner at a less-actives house! it was great! We finally found his house after trying to find it for the past few weeks.  The Hansens took us to the Deridder High School’s home coming foot ball game! It was fun and they won!

Saturday-Sunday, we had general conference! It was really good! I learned a lot and loved the talks.  We had a potluck before the priesthood session and in between the sessions Sunday! We also FINALLY caught that armadillo that we’ve been trying to catch for the past 9-10 weeks! Those things are stinken solid and really fast.  I’ll send some pictures of the game and our little heavy friend, hahah 🙂 The mennonites do a really good job at almost everything! We have a lot here in deridder, too! They are fairly nice people!    The area and ward are slowly getting better.

Hope y’all have a great week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph!

DSCN1038 Caught our heavy, fast armadillo friend thats been digging. DSCN1217Went to a high School Football game.

DSCN1040Got to watch what you eat in the missionaries apartment!  This was yummy!

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