Week 45 in the Mission Field

Hello everyone,

We had transfers and I’m training a new missionary! Elder Howe is right out of the MTC so he’s new and fresh! He is from Nevada. He loves to play the piano too so we may do some duets.  The ward is doing great!   This past week was a bit crazy…

Tuesday, we had to get our breaks changed and that took a long time…. it was one of those thing you could have done your self in an hour instead of having someone do it for you in 5 hours but we aren’t allowed to mess with the cars and such.

Wednesday, we drove to Baton Rouge for transfers! It was a nice 3 1/2 hour drive and then we had to go have our car checked out for some kinda of sticker that expired.  We didn’t leave baton Rouge till 4:30-5 and as we were driving back to Deridder there was a really bad accident on the freeway.  It held us up for an hour & 1/2.  When we passed all we saw left of what we think was a car and a logging truck was the front wheels of the car and the smoking engine of the logging truck.   It was really bad.

Thursday-Friday: we did lot’s of planning and tracting then went to a bible study.  We found a really cool guy that wanted us to teach him and his family!

Saturday: the Leesville sister’s had a baptism! Sister Cornia and Tomblin taught her but sister Cornia got transferred so she got permission to Skype it!

Sunday was great! We had a stake councilmen come and gave a talk! It was inspired and really good! He talked about people being too easily offended and the need to show more love.  We also tried to follow up with a lot of people we’ve met but not many were home.  The Lord is helping me see how he qualifies those he calls and provides a way for you to do what he asks.  He will answer your prayers, if you ask him and it’s something good he will give it to you! Lately, I’ve been seeing his hand in the work a lot more!

For my birthday/Christmas:  maybe a few board games, spices, ties, or duffle bag. I am really looking forward to the holidays.

I am glad Zachary’s hand will be ok! Yes, I am still playing the piano.  I don’t have much time to practice but I play when I can. We have dinner appointments everyday this week.  Its good!  We did our research on eating Armadillos.  1 in 20 have the Hansen’s disease (leprosy).  Not many people can get it and we were really, really clean about everything.  Its really slow acting but very treatable if you get it.  It tastes like of mix of chicken and steak.  People eat them here and I am sure that I’ve eaten it at members houses. The mission office sent a text out to everyone in the mission banning everyone from doing anything with armadillos so won’t be getting another one.

I’m glad your friend felt like she could ask you for a Book of Mormon! How is Bill doing?   I am trying to eat a ton more healthy.  You can send dried fruit?  Everyone loves LSU football here.

Funny all my cousins are getting hitched!  Tell Susan I say “Hi”.  Its been getting alot cooler here, the humidity makes its colder.  Can you pray for the Lesch family, Jones and Andy too.

Hope y’all have a great week!



Elder Micah A. Ralph

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