Week 46 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone

It’s been another week!  My companion, Elder Howe is doing good and doing really well getting used to being a missionary! Our teaching pool is really good.   Its starting to get cold here. No,I dont get hungry when I see an armadillo! haha!  We have had good meals at homes for 9 days in a row!

Tuesday: elder Howe and I had to give a instruction in district meeting! We were asked Sunday to give one on Tuesday but we didn’t learn what we were supposed to talk about till Tuesday morning! Even though we had very little time to prepare it, still went really good!

Wednesday, we had zone conference. and when we got back we went to see a less-active member! That was basically the whole day….

Thursday, we went to go see a lot of less-actives and some people our ward mission leader knew.  We had lots of planning stuff to do….

Friday, we tracted and tracted and that’s really all we did… but we did get to go to a member’s, brother and sister Todd’s house, for dinner! It was a ton of fun and they are awesome people! Then it started raining….

Saturday, we did some more tracting… and got to meet with some good people! It was still raining….

Sunday, we had church which was great! We got a new ward mission leader! Brother pontiff got released and brother Hansen got called! One of our investigators invited us over to have lunch with them! Still poured all day… literally all day… it rained from Friday night to Monday morning non-stop….. and soooooo Sunday night, we couldn’t go anywhere because lots of the roads were flooded…. in some parts it was like a pond..

 Can y’all pray for brother Jackson, Andy and Matthew? yeah! I’ve met Sister Fristo a few times!! She was trained by Sister Jenkins! I served around sister Jenkins for 2 months! I am really happy for Susan ,  sounds like a great guy. How is sister Guffey?  I am so glad Grandma Pearl is doing well! Joshua: I have not seen any crocodiles in a few months.  Please pray for the missionaries here in LA! There some are going through some really hard times with some family trials.

Hope y’all have a great week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

big dictionary

big dictionary


My trainer and my trainee...

My trainer and my trainee…

Want to go for a swim in the swamp?

Want to go for a swim in the swamp?


Before our new member got transfered.

Before our new member got transfered.

DSCN1058 DSCN1210 DSCN1217 DSCN1238 DSCN3021

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