Week 47 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a good week!! Our area has alot more unity, its great! My companion is great. He is bold and its funny.

Tuesday: we had exchanges after district meeting!! They were fun! I was here in Deridder with Elder Mills, our district leader and Elder Howe went up to Leesville. We were half way back to Deridder and realized that the other elders had both phones… sooo we had to drive back and get it from them.  Then we had a meeting with Bishop Kittle! It was good!

Wednesday: we did some service in the morning and we found a TON of minion and Darth Vader posters that people were throwing out so we took them and put them up all over Elder Howe’s side of the room and in everything he owned! It was really great!! It brightened his day up a ton! On exchanges he and Elder Jensen went to a bible study and the preacher was bashing on a bunch of different religions but mostly the Catholics and the LDS faith. So they stood up and said that they were LDS and that what the preacher was saying wasn’t true.  Long story short it ended up being a bashing session about the trinity and the God head…. but the preacher asked them to come by the next day to talk about it more.

Thursday: we helped a pastor move out of his house. We started at 12:30 and had to leave at 4:30 before it was finished, there was a ton of stuff!! We filled a trailer that was 18 by 10 by 8 feet wide competely packed full…. it was a good workout…

Friday: we did a bit of tracting and tried to follow up with a lot of people! We had our ward trunk or treat! It was really good lots of member’s showed up and a bunch of their friends! It was also a chilli cook off too.   The missionaries were the judges….. and well… after a hamburger and 7 large bowls of chilli, you kinda dont want to eat chilli for the next week or so. One of the chilil’s was by far the best but it was much closer to a sloppy joe then a chilli and one of the member’s son’s gave us (the missionaries) some type of radish that at first was really good but…. after chewing it for 10ish seconds it became incredibly peppery and spicy. I haven’t had something that hot in a long time, made me water up like crazy. It was odd because at first it just tasted really good then hits you like a train…..

Saturday was probably the best and the worst day because we woke up to a tornado and flood warnings and a call from some missionaries freaking out.  By 10am we had gotten 9 different tornado warnings and 10 flood warnings but on the bright side we met with one of our investigators and committed him to come to church , watch the restoration dvd with his family and to be baptized on December 5th!!  He said yes to all of the commitments!  He’s one of the most prepared peopIe i’ve met on my mission! He’s really humble, willing to learn and try things out! Then we had lunch with with a less-active member and we tried to do some more follow up but… no one was home… and it was literally pouring soo tracting was out…. haha We drove by Deridder’s park and well… about 85% of the place was under water. A walk in the park would have ended up being a swim in 5 feet of water.

Sunday, the investigator we invited to church came! That was the first investigator I’ve had come to church while I was in the area for the past 7 months!  He loved it, said he’s coming next week and we had a really good talk with our new ward mission leader! We are planning on doing lots of musical firesides over the next few months! and we went with Brother Pontiff to take the sacrament to some of the members that couldn’t come! Then we ahd lunch with a member of the ward and she can cook really really well!!  Elder Howe and I had planned on going to the church to play the piano after we studied for dinner and call-ins but well… the roads were too flooded to get to the church with our jeep :/ soooo we just stayed and play chess!

Monday is my last day of being a teenager!

Can y’all pray for Matthew, Donnie, Deason family and Andy? Y’all are having a good week!!



Elder Micah A. Ralph

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