Week 48 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

I’m doing good! Thanks for the big box and  the cards too 🙂 wow! I shared it with my companion.

It rained a ton… again….We got dropped by 3 investigators this week…

Tuesday : we had district meeting and the Leesville elders suprised me with a cake… and then we had dinner at our bishops house! It was great! I had a great birthday!

Wednesday: We did some service at a food box, t went well! We finished a lot sooner then we had planned…. and later that night we got to help a less-active jack up his house! It was interesting to learn how they lift it up! We learned how to use a egyptian water level!

Thursday: We did a lot of tracting! We had to take our car in to get the oil changed… which took forever and ended up not getting done because we couldn’t get ahold of the person over the cars for the mission.  Later that night we had a meeting with our new ward mission leader! The missionaries here in Deridder are going to be really really busy!The bishop and our ward mission leader want us to do a musical fireside and plan out a christman sacrment meeting! So we have to figure out who’s going to sing and who’s going to play and what to do for the musical numbers…

Friday: we had a zone training meeting and it was good! It took a lot of the day because we had to get a bike rack from our zoneleaders and well…. they are really busy guys… soo they kinda forgot it at their apartment… but we did get it!  We had dinner at a member’s house! The member’s that fed us are awesome and really good at family history!

Saturday: we got to go to a cajun cook off!! Some of the food was great! We did a bunch of tracting…

Sunday: we had church… and was really all that went on.  We tried to see a lot of people but they were not home and we had ward council, which was good and helped us a lot!

Attached are some more pictures of us being at the cook off, jacking up the member’s house and a picture of my district!

I’m glad y’all got to go to the temple! The temple for us is about 3 1/2 hours away…The angels almost always are our family members! Someone gave a promise to some of the missionaries here, that they have angels around the protecting them and helping them on their way. That as we do the work for others that they are helping us and that if we are in need of something, that all we need to do is ask and they will be there taking care of the things we ask. I hope y’all can get a lot done at sister Guffey’s house!

Just still trying to find people to teach… i just finished the Book of Mormon again this morning! Dont get much time to play the piano…. but lately i’ve had a ton more time because the bishop wants us (the missionaries) to practice a lot more and to do a musical fireside and plan a christmas sacrament meeting! soooo….. We have a lot to do….

The ward is helping alot and asking what they can do for us.  Investigators we have are doing ok.  Glad you saw the pictures the Mission presidents wife took.  Thank you for the pictures of the kids and family.

Could y’all send me a bunch of christmas piano music? Can y’all pray for Bill Cooper and Matthew?

Just keep following the Spirit and trust the Lord.  The Lord will bless you for standing for whats right. Just don’t give in.

Hope y’all have a good week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

using egyptian water level

using egyptian water level


My zone

My zone


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