Week 49 in the Mission Field

Hey everyone!

Hope y’all are having a great week! It’s been a busy one for me!

Tuesday: we biked everywhere! Deridder is a wee bit hilly… soo it’s been fun to bike!  We got a bunch of new investigators but we had 2 drop us and then their son who lives next door wanted us to come by and teach him! We also had 2 new families move into the ward.

Wednesday: We had district meeting because our zone leaders were doing exchanges with our district leader and it was a good meeting! We went to follow up with a referral in Rosepine and felt that we should tract this street we passed.  We found a lady and her husband that have a lot of LDS family and used to have the missionaries over all the time! They invited us to have Thanksgiving dinner at their place! It was interesting because  I checked through the area book and could not find anything about them!

Thursday:  We ate dinner at a member’s house and he told us that he has been talking with a ton of people about the gospel.  Some of them might want us to teach them and his grand-daughter’s boy friend wants to have us teach him  and get baptized and have us teach him! His family situation is a bit crazy so we have to wait for things to get back to normal….

Friday: We went out teaching with a member and the appointment we had fell through so we decided to take him to a lady we had tracted into that was trying to bible bash with us. Told us that she’d have a ton of scriptures to “discuss” with us… but when we got there I noticed that something was a ton different and the member and her connected really well.  As we taught she started crying and talked about how her daughter had gotten away from church and how it’s been really hard for her.  I told her that this message might be the one that gets her to straighten her life out and she told us that she would have her there next time we come!

Saturday was interesting….. my companion insisted that we go, see people at 10am, have lunch and do 12-week (the new missionary training program) at 12.  Well, he learned that 90% of people here in Louisiana tend to be asleep till 11-12 on Saturday mornings, unless they are working. So we got kicked off someones property and talked to a bunch of rather grumpy people then our bishop asked us last minute to fill the baptismal font for a member who’s son was getting baptized and asked us to do a musical number.  Elder Howe ended up doing it because we didn’t have anything ready but piano solo’s.

Sunday was good! We had the primary program and  it was really good then we had the ward potluck! Last week a member asked if we needed a ride to church and so we got a ride to church 🙂 We didn’t use the car at all, we biked every where! It was odd because lots of things were falling through so we went, saw a less-active and had a really really good talk with him!  We came back to have dinner and after that we met with the sister’s because they had a ton of referrals for us!

Here’s a picture of some of the many signs here in DeRidder. It’s like this all over the place.  I tried to count and gave up after 113, couldn’t keep track of which one’s i had already counted.  There are a lot of churches…. tons and tons of em….Tell Sister Watson I say Hi and hope she feels better! Yeah, people should go to church because its right, what God wants , to serve and feel the Spirit,  not base testimony on friends or people.  People are not perfect, Christ and the Gospel are and some get too offended easily. My favorite cajun food is probably jumbliah… or pastaliah.

Hope y’all have a great week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph!





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