Week 50 in the Mission Field


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Well, I’m not getting transfered!! I’m staying here for another 6 weeks!

It’s been a busy week! Tuesday we didn’t have district meeting because all the sister’s in the mission went to Baton Rouge for a conference and we had dinner at our bishop’s house. We met with one of our investigators and well…. he decided to be rather rude to us ( he wasn’t like that last time) and bash us, so we gave him a promise and dropped him. I don’t know why people are so closed…

Wednesday-Thursday: We had our district meeting and  it was really good! We also went on exchanges!  I went up to Leesville with Elder Jensen and Elder Mills came to Deridder with Elder Howe. During our exchange, we went to a less-actives house for dinner and it was really great! We met with a pastor of a Pentecostal church… it really confuses me how much people use the bible for wrong, warp it and say it says something that it clearly doesn’t.   Thursday night, we had a meeting with our ward mission leader. It was great! We are finally getting things smoothed and figured out!

Friday-Saturday, we tried to follow up with a ton of referrals! Then we helped Brother Smith get some heavy cement blocks we’re using to re-level a members house! They aren’t too big but stinken’ heavy…

Sunday morning, we woke up to a member calling us and asking us to teach gospel principles class at church! Once we got to church another member asked us to sing with her son who was giving a talk ( the song was part of the talk) so it’s was a day to do things on the spot… but they all went really well!

This morning we woke up to tons of frost on the car… it’s gonna be a cold winter…. last year we got frost 2-3 times but wasn’t nearly as bad.  I’m just trying to stay warm!  I got a picture but most of it had melted by that time :/  Also, some pictures of us helping the member pick up the cement blocks!

I love the Christmas music.  One of my favorites is Carol of the Bells.  Hows Hank doing?  Say Hi to Zack Goit!  We have 2 dinners on Thanksgiving!  I could use some red or blue, large sweaters.  Maybe send some healthy things to cook and how to cook them.

The work is going good and things are picking up! We have a ton to do. Can y’all pray for Matthew, Lori, and the Watts?

Hope y’all have a great thanksgiving!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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