Week 51 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone!

Well… it’s been a interesting week!

Tuesday was transfers but we didn’t go! A member took us out for dinner and we did a lot of biking….

Wednesday, we tried to follow up with a lot of people and did laundry at a member’s house then had a bible study with him 🙂 It was really good!

Thursday was THANKSGIVING!!  It was great! We served food at the VFW and got to meet a lot of great people! Then we went over to the Kendricks house for thanksgiving lunch and to play games, it was a lot of fun! Man, people down here can cook! We went over to some new members in our ward, the Abbotts. They moved in like 3ish weeks ago and they are awesome! We played apples to apples.

Friday, I had some rather fun times biking -_- crashed twice… 1st one I didn’t have enough speed to get over a curb and the 2nd time some little kid messed with my gear changers.  Well… putting over 200 lbs on a peddle to get the biking going and having the chain stuck in between gears makes you flop over. Got a bunch of bruises on my legs and I’ll have to take the bike in to be fixed.  We went to a christmas train thing… the whole place was sooo packed! The line to get on to the christmas train and see santa was almost a mile long! We handed our 3 book of mormons 🙂

Saturday was good! We got to see investigator Matthew 🙂 He’s been doing good and  wants us to come back!

Sunday was by far the craziest day.  I gave a talk about starting where we are and not worrying about what others think, then our ward mission leader gave a talk.  Well… he was really blunt with the ward.  He let them know that they had reported two of the hardest working missionaries he knew to our mission president over tons of stupid little things enough to basically run off one of them.  He was pretty ticked and he let them know. He talked about becoming more converted ourselves, not pointing out the bad in others, forgiving others of their short comings and basically told everyone that they had not been doing their part and that no one is perfect.  We all needed to look at ourselves and not at what others need to work on.  It was a really good talk! There was a ton to learn about being more like Christ and coming unto him in our weaknesses!

Can y’all pray for Matthew, Lorie, Darrick and the Mudd family? Hope y’all have a great week!

Also, our bishop started a hashtag for the Baton Rouge Lousiana Mission!


Not sure how many pictures/posts are on there but more will be coming up!!



Elder Micah A. Ralph

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