Week 53 in the Mission Field


Hello everyone!

It’s been one big crazy week….

Tuesday: we had our zone conference and we did a white elephant gift exchange! It was really fun! Missionaries have an interesting way to find random things in their apartments.  We went to the bike shop in Alexandrea to get my bike checked and tuned/fixed then we had a meeting with our bishop! It was good! We are planning next weeks sacrament meeting! There are going to be lots of musical numbers 🙂

Wednesday was long. We didn’t do a whole lot.  Funny thing happened Tuesday, I got my biked checked out and fixed.  Wednesday, my back tire got all bent out of shape and I now need a new back tire… and can’t use my bike(not my fault btw ;). One of the sister’s let me use her bike, so we could get things done and not have to use the car a lot.  We did some service at a member’s house! We are re-leveling his house! I got to go under it and jack some stuff up, pull out the jacks and such! There actually was a good amount of room under the house.

Thursday, we had our district meeting because we had zone conference on Tuesday! It was good! I didn’t have to instruct this time 🙂 Since I got elder Howe , we’ve instructed the 10 weeks we’ve been together. We had our weekly planning… which took a long while…  then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader! It went well! He’s helping us plan out a bunch of stuff and get goals set in stone.

Friday-Saturday:  We biked about 50 miles, it made for a bit of a long day.  I’m just glad it waited till Sunday to rain! Saturday, we got invited to a christmas party of one of the churches our investigator goes to. It was fun! She introduced us to all her family and half the people there but names went in one ear and out the other… way to many to keep track of.  Funny story… we went to the wrong building and ended up going to the church service of one of the bigger churches in the area.  It was loud, really, really loud…. I kinda understand why so many people get head aches!  We were in the back, all the way in the back and I had a bad head ache after the 30 mins we were there.

Sunday, we had church which was good! There were some really good talks! We went to the 1st Baptist christmas program “the living Christmas tree” it was okay…. I’m not into the whole blingy, showy, bright flashy lights and band thingy for a church service.  We met with the sisters to finish up planning the christmas sacrament meeting that we have been asked to plan and do!

The father of one of the families we are teaching doesn’t believe we need the Book of Mormon and won’t pray or do anything to find out if he just might need something more then the Bible. I learned to be careful what you pray for because God will give it to you. Something I’ve noticed this past week, we’ve been invited to go to many other churches Christmas programs and meetings.  It showed me how worldly other churches are and it showed me how much they are missing.  I’ve been able to go to a lot of the other churches and meet the people there, it’s been a huge learning experience for me! Something I learned from my studies and from being out here in the south is that people really get the spirit confused with adrenaline and emotions. There are so many good people of all faiths!

I got asked to play piano in primary because the pianist was in a meeting… it was good… Can y’all pray for the Lersch family, Mudd family and the ward? I will let you know when I am calling!  Hope y’all have a great week!



Elder Micah A. Ralph


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