Week 54 in the mission Field


What time do y’all want me to skype? Noon?  We are going to be at a members house from like 12-3:30 and then another members from 4- when ever dinner is done… what time works best for y’all?

Well, it’s been a busy week!

Monday : We had a go away party for Elder and Sister Bible! They finished their missions and went home on Thursday!

Tuesday, we went to give someone a bible they ordered! It was a bit of a drive :/ and we’ve been doing a ton of biking! The Bibles took us all out to lunch after district meeting!

Wednesday, we did some service at a food box! It was fun! They had a ton going on and our old ward mission leader took us out to lunch! We were going to go out teaching with him but the appointment fell through :/ and we went caroling with the youth in the ward!

Thursday, we did some more service and tried to meet with our investigators and we ended up not having a meeting with our ward missin leader because he had to go out of town

Frida, we got to see some less-actives and we did laundry at one of the house of a less-active!

Saturday, we help the office couple move all the stuff out of the Bibles apartment! They took us out to lunch afterwards! Once you get to know them they are really kinda funny!  We got to see another less-active and he showed us around his place! It was fun and good to get to know him a bit better!

Sunday was busy! We had the sacrment meeting we planned! It went well even though stuff fell through… and we had a potluck after it! We also went to a christmas program of a Baptist church in the area and it was good! It’s been interesting to learn about what other churches believe….. lots of the people there were really nice! The pastor used to work with a lot of LDS people!

Have y’all gone caroling? We had a good lesson with the Mudd family! We taught the plan of salvation and they agreed and like all of it! Christmas day we’re going over to a members house and then to another to eat.

I need y’all to order me a new bike rim… the only bike shop is like 50 miles away :/  the tire size is (50-559) 26×2.0.  Im not sure what size the rim is… it was a bit rubbed of…. so i could not read it.. could y’all go to a bike shop and ask?  It’s a bontrager at-550 bike tire,  a mountian bike btw 🙂

I’ll call you on Christmas day at 12 noon.  Love y’all! Merry Christmas!!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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