Week 55 in the Mission Field

Hi Everyone,

Well… it’s been a bit of a slow week…

Monday, pretty much everything fell through…

Tuesday, we decided to bike the 12 miles to and from district meeting! The way there was a nice, mostly upward ride.  They don’t really have hills here in LA but in Deridder, they are just rolling hills.  The bike ride back was nice, it was a lot faster! Not much went on other then that because 2 of the people that we had appointments had pink eye and were throwing up everywhere. I got to fix my bike so now it’s useable 😀

Wednesday, we got to do bunch of service! There are a lot of people getting sick!  We went out teaching with brother Gifford! It was awesome and it went really well!

Thursday, we had our weekly planning and then we went to Wal-mart to get a few things and ran into everyone! There were a ton of investigators/members there! A cop randomly walked up to us and it turns out that he knows a lot of lds people, had had met with the missionaries before  then we headed to the church to have a nerf war with some members and friends! It was a ton of fun! All of them were really surprised at how well our “guns” worked, hahah 😀 PVC pipes work pretty well 🙂 Yes, I had glasses. I’m not making the same mistake twice, haha! Then we had dinner at the Abbotts house.

Friday was CHRISTMAS!!!! We opened our present at our ward mission leaders house! I bought 4 can of silly string sooooo yeah….. you can figure out the rest…  and then I made omlets for everyone!  We went to the Abbotts to call home! After that we headed to the Giffords so Elder Howe could call home.  They surprised us and left 2 nerf guns with a note at their front door! They have a lot of little kids 😀  We played a lot of board games and then ended the night with a game of laser tag! We went home around 7:00 because Elder Howe was sick and out for the rest of the weekend.  He’d get up, walk around and he looked like he was going to pass out.  The doctor thinks he got salmanilla :/ so he’s been pretty sick… as far as I know I’m okay, I don’t have it.  We had 3 or 4 of the ward members call/text us because we weren’t at church due to elder howe being sick.

For New Years, we probably will be put on lock down. I can look in Goodwill for a new suit and let you know.    I could use some more vitamin c.  It’s hot here… and humid… 75 + the humidity.  No many were distracted with the Christmas rush.  We were able to see some.

It was really good to see all of you on Christmas.  Sounds like it was a great Christmas. Thanks for the box of gifts!


Elder Micah A. Ralph


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