Week 56 in the Mission Field

Hello everyone!

It’s that time again! TRANSFERS! I’m being moved into a biking area! Don’t send anything because I wont get it.  I will send an address when I get it.  Got to pack and clean!

 Monday-Wednesday: We did exchanges! They were a ton of fun! I was in Deridder with Elder Draper! A lot of the appointments we had fell through but we biked a lot and got to do a bunch of tracting.  We also had district meeting on Wednesday, the zone leaders came down and did exchanges with our district leader.  We did laundry at a members house and  had a really good discussion with him.

Thursday:  We were on lock down at 8 and we got to go out teaching Brother Giffords! It went really really well and committed Matthew to stop smoking and to get baptized!  But I won’t be here for it.

Friday: We helped Matthew fix his truck and we had dinner at a members house for new years.

Saturday: we helped a less-active move a bunch of stuff  and we heart attacked our ward mission leaders door! He had a death in the family so he was a bit down.

Sunday, we made it to church this week, haha!  I was asked to play for the primary again. We also had a good lesson with a family we’ve been teaching! They had a lot of questions.

My companion is alot better.  I don’t need any supplies now,  I’ll let you know after the transfer.  The ward is doing great and alot of new move ins have helped alot.  I have met so many good people on my mission.  Can y’all pray for Matthew, Mudd Family, Jeremy and Victoria?



Elder Micah A. Ralph

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