Week 57 in the Mission Field

Hey everyone!

My new address is:

518 S. Jefferson Apt 103 Covington, LA 70433,  micah.ralph@myldsmail.net

 It’s been a bit of a crazy start to the week! We learned that they changed up the way we are doing transfers now!

Monday: We did service, I said bye to people and finished packing.

Tuesday was our P-day: It was okay. We got calls about who was leaving and going where then we had dinner at our bishops house and said good bye to some more people!

Wednesday, was crazy. Had to wake up at 5:30 to get to Opelousas by 7:30ish to drop my companion off and pick up the other elder that was also being moved then Baton Rouge by 10 to meet at the mission home to get people into the right cars going to their new areas.  I basically spent from 6am to 4pm in a car.  I literally went from one side of the mission to the other… border to border! I’m now in Covington LA and my new companion is Elder Condie! (fluffly).  We served in the same district when I was in Eunice.  He’s a really good guy!

The rest of the week we didn’t do much because Elder Condie was on medical lock down by our mission nurse but we got to go to church! It was great! There are 200+ active members.  THEY HAVE WARD MISSIONARIES!!!! I’m also now in a biking area!! soo yes. no car! 🙂 But hey, it’s nice and flat here!!! haha Don’t have to worry about biking 20 miles with a ton of hills 😀 After god puts you through the refiners fire he blesses you and sends you with someone you get along with and an area that loves the missionaries! 🙂

Thursday, we went to go teach this kid named Devon.  We had an interesting start…. Devon was locked out of the house so we decided to sit outside and teach him. Well, there was this metal bench out front and so i sat on it, it was fine and there was room for my companion. I moved and let him sit!  Well…. I’m 215 pounds…. he’s about 230…. add that together and it flattened the bench we sat on.  We both had a nice surprise hahaha! 😀 So the lesson started off with everyone laughing their heads off! Both Elder Condie and I had never had to go into such deep doctrine with a 14 year old before even with adults! This kid asked the deepest questions. We were going over the plan of salvation with him.  I’m so glad we had a member with us, the member helped so much! It was awesome to see how prepared this 14 year old was. God helped so much with that lesson! The kid was asking questions that all 3 of us had to stop and think about. I’ve been out 13 months, my companion 21 months and the member has been off his mission for 5+ years and it blew us away at how many deep questions this kid had!

Sunday was good, we went to church. It’s so nice to be in a ward that has so many active people in it!  The ward loves us and is willing to help.

One of the biggest blessings I have had on my mission has been the people I’ve met. I know God puts people in our lives to bless us and help us become so much better. One has helped me more then any of the rest and I’ll always be grateful for everything God has done! There is a reason why God puts them in your path. Sometimes it takes time to realize why and other times we might never find out why but it’s always to help us grow and show us things we are too blind to see.  I know that if you want to be blessed that you need to follow the rules! God doesn’t give us rules to put us in a box! He gives us rules and things He asks us to follow so that He can bless us! The blessings are there! We just need to do what He asks and they are ours! If you listen, the Spirit will lead and help you.

I could use some spices 🙂 I didn’t have room in my bags for them when I got transferred. I’ll be getting the shoes today.  You and dad did a great job raising us.  Thank you for all that you do have have done for us. 

Can y’all pray for Devon, Matthew and the Mudds?



Elder Micah A. Ralph!

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