Week 59 in the Mission Field

Hello everyone!

Tuesday, we had our district meeting it was good! I went on Exchanges with Elder Ross in Mandaville from Tuesday to Thursday! We biked a good bit but biking during rush hour isn’t the best idea. We had to use peoples drive ways as jumping points so we could stay off the road as much as we could and to avoid all the traffic. It worked out well! There was a lot of sprinting between when the traffic lights turned red and when the traffic let up!

Thursday-Sunday, I was on another Exchange. Our district leader got sick so I stayed with him while Elder Condie and Elder Ross worked both areas. Sunday, Elder Ross and I went out on splits with our ward mission leader Brother Croper and a member Brother Glaousler! It was really good and it was great to get to know some of the members better!

Sunday at church I taught the gospel principles class and it went really well!  This week we have a zone conference on Tuesday up in Hammond! We’ll be driving through my first area, Ponchatoula! It’s been 9-10 months since I’ve been there. It’ll be great to see a few people on the way back 🙂 We are getting new phones so we had to go through the phone and delete a lot of stuff.  We went from 505 contacts to about 170ish, tells you how well missionaries keep up with the phone hahah! Saturday, we have a mission wide conference so we all get to go to Baton Rouge.  One of the new apostles is coming to the conference!

The new ward is awesome! I love them! They’ve been so willing to help the missionaries and each other out. My companion is doing a ton better. He has a head cold but other then that he’s great! The food’s great! Thanks for the spices! There are a lot of nice people here in covington. Not too open about learning about the gospel but they are really nice to us!

Can y’all pray for Nick, Bo, Matthew, and Devon?

Hope y’all are doing great!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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