Week 61 in the Mission Field


Hello Everyone!

Tuesday, we tried to follow up with a lot of referrals but not many of them were interested and we helped a member move some stuff into his trailer!

Wednesday, we did some tracking.  The 3rd house we knocked on a lady open the door and said she hasn’t seen guys like us in this neighborhood before because it’s a “no soliciting” neighborhood.  We told her everything we do is for free so it isn’t soliciting and we talked for a little more but she wasn’t happy with us being there, so we left.  We continued to tracting and about 30 mins later we got a lovely visit from officer Benjamin! He was really nice and had a camera on his chest. He told us that when the person described us, he knew who we were and told us that there’s nothing wrong with us doing missionary work! So yes everyone, we got the cops called on us!  About an hour later we stopped and talked to 3 people by their house.  They were really nice, loved what we do but are good where they are.  Donnie (one of the people we talked to and not a member) offered to take us to another Mardi Gras parade in Slidell, outside of the mission, at night and it was a all women’s parade.  So yeah, we didn’t go. Not allowed out side the mission, it was a night time parade which normally is a no, unless we have a member with us ( and even then good luck) and it’s a all women’s parade, which is a no. No matter who your with and when it is or where.  The guy was friendly though.  Later that night the activity day girls had us come to youth night because they had something for us! They asked us a lot of questions about missions, it was great!

Thursday, we did some service at a food bank, it was fun! Later that night, we went out with Brother Greenough! It was great, Things went really well! The members here are great, they know their stuff and are really willing to help out 😀

Friday, we had a zone training meeting in Hammond. It was good to see some other missionaries that I know! Then we went out to an appointment with a guy we met. We brought Brother Brown with us because he and the person we tried to see had a lot in common. Sadly, he wasn’t there but we went to go see a less-active member. It went well! He had a friend over that he had given to us as a referral.  His friend kinda just sat there while we taught the less-active and towards the end the less-actives friend piped up and said “soo I’ve been listening” then asked a bunch of questions!

Saturday, we gave a sick member a blessing and then used the sisters car to try to contact some referrals that were a wee bit of a bike ride away (like 15 miles one way).  Sadly again, they were not interested so we used their car to go get some TP.  Then we biked out to Abita  Springs and on the way there we tried to see a less-active.  Well, the part of the town we were in was basically the ghetto and on the way to his house, we passed the street we normally take to get there and it was literally packed with ,lots of people and cars playing music really loudly.  We biked a ton faster.  It was one of those times when the Lord say keep going and don’t stop. Normally that part of town is safe during the day so thats the only time we go in that part.  Then we got back on the trail and headed to a less-active that lives past Abita Springs! We past a group of people that looked like they were having a party and we continued to bike.  That group of people would to leave my mind and my companion said he was not feeling good so we biked the 1.5 miles back and talked to them.  It was awkward going up to them because they were a good 100+ feet away from the closest path but it ended up working out! They all were really nice and one of the guys told us that if we ever break down around Abita Springs that he’d give us a ride to where we needed to go! We told them we are LDS and they all pointed to one of the guys and said he grew up Mormon! So yup, God brought us to a less-active! It was odd because during the whole time we talked to them the less-active just stared at us, it wasn’t like a creepy bad stare.  He didn’t even say anything the whole time, he just stared but both my companion and i felt really good about turning around and talking to them all!  Then we went to that less-active’s house and they fed us which was really nice being on a bike most of day 🙂 We left around 6ish.  The temperature dropped, from 65-70 down to 40-43, really really cold. Normally that isn’t bad but add the humidity and then being on a bike that makes it feel much colder then it really is. On the way back, we were on the phone with our district leader and Elder Condie looks down a street to see a dog sprinting towards us.  He yelled “ELDER RALPH! DOG! DOG DOG DOG!!” We took off and all I could hear was the dogs feet hitting the road.  The thing was stinken fast! We had a good head start on it and it still nearly caught up to us.  It wasn’t a little puppy either :/ If you wanna see how fast Mormon missionaries can bike, send a dog after them and you’ll see.  (I didn’t tell y’all that, hahaha) We went 27 miles total that day!

Sunday, we had church which was great! It’s great to be able to take the sacrament and have a fresh start and not worry about all the stuff you messed up on!! After church, we had dinner at our ward mission leaders house, it was great! He invited one of his neighbors over to learn from us. It went well! The guy is really willing to listen and is open!

The ward is good, they are really willing to help us with missionary work. It’s really nice!  My companion is great! He’s trying to not think about home much, he has 8 weeks left.

 Can y’all pray for Matthew, Gene, Bo, Nick, Lexie, and Rich?

Hope y’all have a great week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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