Week 62 in the Mission Field


Hi everyone,

I’m staying in Covington for another 7 weeks and my companion is being transferred 😦 The best companions only last 1 transfer 😦 yes elder Buddy! you too!! The ones that you need to learn from or need help last much longer….

Monday night, we had dinner at the Orys house. They are an awesome family!

Tuesday, we went on spilts with the other elders because they are trying to save miles and couldn’t spare the miles to drive back to their area. Elder Decker and I had GREAT success tracting on Ohio Rd. 😉 We met a man named Harry Gillory.  He’s probably one of the  nicest people I’ve ever tracted into! It was such a blessing! We talked to a black smith we knew and asked if he could teach us how to make knifes.  He said yes!

Wednesday, we had our apartment inspections,they went well!  The last time I saw those 2 inspectors was when I was in Ponchatoula, 11 months before! We went back to go see Harry. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he liked it!

Thursday, we did some service at a food bank again. The people there are great! Then we went out teaching with brother O’Leary. We met some really nice people but the less-actives we were looking for didn’t live there anymore.

Friday, basically everything fell through, so it was a bit of a boring day but we did get to borrow the car from the sisters to go and try to contact some referrals that would have been a 25+ mile bike trip.  That was a huge blessing!

Saturday , we got asked to fill the baptismal font for a member who was baptizing his son and then we had stake conference.  We got to drive across the causeway, it’s a 23ish mile long bridge! We sung in our wards choir at stake conference and it went really well for how much we practiced. We kinda got roped into it because the members we got a ride from were singing in it and we didn’t find out till Saturday morning, but hey, it went really well!

Sunday, again drove to New Orleans with some members. The Footes gave us a ride and conference was really good! Then we came back, studied and then had dinner at the Footes house.  It was fun, haha, felt like I was at home. It was loud, crazy and lots of stuff going on. hahah

Monday (yesterday) we did some more service at the food bank and then we got put on lock down. We had tornado warnings, tons of hail and it poured all day. Oh the joys of being on a bike! hahaha!


I started the Book of Mormon over again. I’ve found a bunch of stuff I haven’t found before! The bike is helping me exercise.  My mission companion is awesome! We get along really really well! I got that little box of candies y’all sent me. It was made in Ponchatoula, LA! haha I’ve driven/biked past the place!  We’ve been able to find  a few more investigators and the ward is still doing great! Can y’all pray for Matthew, Bo, nick, Brian, Kim and Gene?

Hope y’all have a great week!


Elder Micah A. Ralph

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